Designing a Romantic Bedroom

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Decoration tips

If you hire the best interior designers in Bangalore, you might get that romantic bedroom that you had dreamed of. If you haven’t then these tips might be worth following –

Soft pink with an Iron bed

A romantic bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean hot pink or sexy red with hearts strung along. Real life is rarely a movie set or a tacky hotel room. One needs to take the subtle route here and put into place elements that represent ‘him’ and her in equal proportions. A soft pink bedroom with brown and white elements does it really well. Pale pink bed with textures of brown and a comfortable four-poster iron bed combined the hard with the soft adequately. An antique painting or a mirror and a pale pink furnishing would do the trick adequately here.

Rose and Tan

There is nothing more romantic than a rose and tan bedroom. With shades of crimson and print cream, there is enough heat to keep the romance alive in this space. Floral bed patterns, rugs, dainty cushions and a vase of roses is just about enough to keep the spark in the marriage alive.

A Venetian Touch

This one is not only utterly feminine but beautiful too. The explosion of colors that one can see in this space makes it an interesting space to experience love and joy. A Venetian headboard on the bed and floral sheets to match its design, contrasting carpet, and a cushioned stools will bring it all together.

Turquoise and Navy

Pleasant, airy and sophisticated this one is definitely for those who love to put their hair down. Lavender wall paints and turquoise print bed with textures and patterns to match the same and a lot of cream or white furniture makes this space feminine and yet a man wouldn’t find himself out of place out here.

Elegance Understated

The best interior designers in Bangalore can pull this look through pink wallpapers, metal bed with a soft feather mattress, lots of cream patterns, velvet shades and lavenders on a vase adding the right feminine touch.

French Romance

There’s nothing like a French getaway to escape with one’s true love. Ask the best Home Interior Designers in Bangalore and they will tell you that elegance is the key to a French design. For this, one would need a custom-made headboard, a comfortable mattress; the colors of this space can be honey gold and gray, an exquisite chandelier, antique mirror and an ornate couch at the end of the bed. Now, what could be more romantic than that?

Cream Sophistication

It is the essence of cream and its soft hues that makes it utterly elegant and sophisticated. There is an old world charm that makes a cream colored bedroom romantic. Pale accents of yellow can be used for the room paint and the bed can be an airy confection of cream textures and lace. A silk comforter to snuggle into and antique accessories will give the space a romantic cottage feels.

Bedrooms are a private space that needs the best home or Apartment Interior Designers in Bangalore to perfect. Getting the right designer is half the effort as much as getting the right design perfect. The trick here is to go for a space that speaks to you.