5 Interior Design Ideas to Add Simplicity and Brilliance to the Decor


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In this age, when more and more people are re-awakening and finding solace in their true being, they are trying to get away from materialism.
Finding this better side of their own true self is driving them to live with the bare minimum. The people, who prefer the bare minimum, have been given a common name by the culture—the minimalists. These people want to live in a more spacious home with the least that they can have such as lesser furniture, simple design of interiors etc.

Still, as part of human culture they have some necessities. They need food to eat, a bed to sleep, a chair to sit etc.  Minimalism is simplifying one’s life, simplifying one’s mind and simplifying one’s surroundings. A house’s interior is its surrounding. Changing the home’s interior, changes the ambience of the home.

Are you also finding it hard to live with a lot of mess? And are you planning to give best inetrior design to your home? The following points may guide you to decor your interior design.

Decor Ideas for Minimalists

Bedrooms: How Less can be More?

There are so many ideas in which the interior can be decorated with simplicity.  You can place a bed with a simpler design, such as a bed that has no head board or foot. Also beds that have a lower height looks simple and good. Going the minimalist way, one can also place a sofa cum bed, which can be folded during the day-time, creating more space in the bedroom.  To fulfill the storage needs you can place a TV unit with enough cabinets and drawers—which can be used as a multi-purpose furniture. For accenting the decor a little bit, you can use corner shelves for keeping decorative items.

Living Room: How to Live Simply to Simply Live?

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” -Leonardo Da Vinci

The living is where you live for most of the day. When it comes to a sofa for the living you can go for a Divan, with a less-flashy pattern. You can use a simple rug in the middle and a coffee table in front of the divan. For decor purposes, you can use a corner shelf where decorative items can be placed.  

How can Foyers be Simply Impressive?

The entry-way of your house gives the first impression of your home. A simpler interior of the foyer, lets the visitor know that he has entered a minimalist’s home.   In the foyer, you can keep a simple and single-coloured rug, and place a bench with shoe-rack in the bottom. Besides, you can keep a plant such as palm, to accentuate the aura just a little bit. 

Study Tables: How to be Less Distracted?

Whether minimalists or not, the interior of a study room when kept simple helps distract less and focus more on the studies or the task at hand. In the study area, you simply need a shelf for keeping, books, files or folders and a study table. The market, today, has study tables that are attached to the bottom of bookshelf. Such a furniture unit helps create more space in the room.

How A Single Furniture in Kitchen is Enough?

When it comes to kitchen, all you may need is a platform for chopping, a basin for washing dishes, a stove and a cabinet for storing the cutlery and other necessities of the kitchen. A kitchen island, with storage cabinets below the counter-top, can serve all of the above purposes easily. You might not need any other furniture in your kitchen.


Minimalism is living with what you need and what you love. Home interior is a home’s surroundings—it is where you spend all of your time. It isn’t that hard to give the interior a simple, yet charming look—all that one needs are ideas, and that is what I have intended to provide in the above article. As Bruce Lee said simplicity is the key to brilliance, I wish you can give the same simplicity and brilliance to your home.

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