5 Advantages of Modular Almirah Design That you Should Avail Now!!


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Where to store the vivid collection of clothes you own? Do justice to these clothes and gift them a home of their own by introducing the modular wardrobe design in your bedroom. 

Getting the best wardrobe design for yourself is a daunting task, you don’t know whether the existing free-standing wardrobe in your abode will be able to handle all your clothing, accessories and other knick-knacks in a well-organised manner.  The simplest way to work around these problems is to have a built-in wardrobe or a modular almirah design that is built according to your desire.  Let’s go through the ample advantages that the modular wardrobe design provides to satisfy your needs of perfect aesthetics and solve storage space problems.

1. Extra space for the shopaholics: The best wardrobe bedroom design offers adequate storage space, well why not wardrobes are explicitly made for providing additional storage space, right?! The free-standing wardrobe designs are best for people who don’t want anything huge but for people with the addiction of shopping, should go for built-in almirah design as these are apt for accommodating your ever-growing collection of shoes, tunics and dresses, or even jewellery.  The modular built-in almirah design is an intelligent solution to deal with those awkward corners in the room which cannot be used for other purpose but can be efficiently used for fitting in a modular almirah. These designs would not change the layout of the room.

2. Double up the looks with this fantastic almirah designs: These designs are captivating as they are fitted directly inside the walls. These look sleek and beautiful. And, if these are made of wood, then it's a significant advantage, as it would not only give an elegant look but will also last longer than other materials. Wood adds the natural look to the bedroom and makes it stand out than other regular bedrooms. So, ensure to buy almirah designs in solid wood.

3. Get them tailored according to your needs: A modular wardrobe design comes with a massive advantage of being designed according to your specific needs, i.e., you can select the number of drawers, the number of shelves, whether you want sliding doors or regular doors, with a locker or no locker, etc. You can even decide the material of the foundation as well as the colour or the finish you want your almirah design to possess.  Go for wood, if you expect long lasting material and beautiful natural pattern for your wardrobe designs. The solid wood such as sheesham and mango, in different glossy finishes such as mahogany, honey, walnut, light, dark, etc., are available online. Choose the design layout and get started.

4. Arrange the entities as you wish: Are you movie inspired and want a wardrobe like the one shown in the films. Then, you can do it in the best possible way through the modular wardrobe designs. Simply, segregate the things from each other and label them according to their types. This will be a visual treat for your eyes, and you can access everything without any hassle. Arrange the clothes according to the colour codes and place footwear in a separate cabinet. 

5. Fitted With Custom Lighting:  One of the most significant problems with the free-standing wardrobe design is that you can't see what's inside when it is dark in the room, this problem is solved by the modular customised almirah’s.  The latest modular almirah designs offer ample lighting inside the wardrobe, so that you can easily see and take out the dress at night. You can get the lighting done under the customisation option; the lights will be affixed as per your needs. You can install these inside each drawer, cabinet or shelf and it would light up as you open the particular drawer or cabinet.

Conclusion : The modular wardrobe design for the bedroom not only offer excellent storage space but also their presence can boost the existing decor of the room, as it helps to keep your essentials organised all the times. This wardrobe design has got all the necessary functionality that will surely enhance your home decor.  Opting for this almirah design gifts you with a power of customising your personal wardrobe from choosing colours, finishes to door types. For a dream wardrobe that provides you with an abundance of storage for all of your clothes, shoes and accessories, try various online furniture stores, as it is the best and the most convenient way. This is where you can explore a plethora of designs that match perfectly with your requirements.

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