5 Ravishing Benefits that Wing Chairs Bestow


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Wing chairs are specially designed to use near fireplaces, with the wings extending from the top of the back that keep warmth contained within the wings.

Western Europe experiences one of the most brutal weather during winters. In the late seventeenth century, club chairs were trendy in this region. Around this time, the club chairs were modified into wing chairs to keep near the fireplace. The design was made in such a way that the wings could hold the heat within the chair. So that the person, sitting on the chair, can enjoy the comfort along with the warmth from the hearth.

The resulting design was uniquely stylish. Because of their extraordinary looks, these chairs have become a part of the beautiful interiors of contemporary times.

In the modern design, the wings extended along the full length of the back and meet the armrest at the bottom. In some of the designs of wing chairs, the armrests end a few inches before the edge of the seat of the chair—this modification is provided for extra comfort.

These are upholstered chairs that that are available in fabric, leatherette and leather options.

In the following points, I have mentioned numerous benefits that these chairs deliver.

Benefits of Wing Chair

Best Chair for Fireplaces

These chairs are built to keep the user warm, as the wings have been specially designed to contain the heat. This makes it a perfect fit for areas around the fire-place, which can keep you warm for hours.  People residing in areas, where the winters are often onerous, will find such a chair extremely useful.

One Modish and Designer Chair

It was designed as a utility chair, to use around a fireplace. But the design of the chair is elegant and charms the surrounding aesthetics enormously. If you are looking to allure your aesthetics with classy designer furniture, a Wing chair can prove to be a worthy choice. You can manifold the interior’s look using beautiful ottomans and pouffes along with the wing chairs.

Extra-Comfort Modifications

A wing chair is a boon for the lazy ones. The seat is deep towards the back, and the height of the seat is also kept low because of comfort reasons. The wings, apart from providing warmth, are also comfortable and cosy. You can enjoy a satisfying afternoon nap on a wing chair. The armrests of the chair have been kept short to provide extra-comfort to the arms—accommodating a comfortable posture. Since, it is an upholstered chair, the seats are comfy, not only because of the cushions, but also the soft fabric, leather or leatherette.

Best fit for Lavish interiors

This is a piece of furniture which has a regal look to it. You can place this chair in any corner of your house and give the surrounding interior a rich look. If you want to give a kingly look to the room decor, a Wing chair can prove to be an excellent option. The sofa-like look of these chairs, undoubtedly, makes it look like a throne.

Numerous Designs for Different Decors

These chairs have adorned the abodes of European royalties for years. Over time, the conventional design has been modified numerous times. And the modern market has developed multiple designs of wing chairs. The number of models available in the market is quite large. There is a stylish wing chair available for every room decor.


Wing chairs were designed in the late seventeenth, to provide extra comfort and warmth near the fireplaces in the times of extreme winter. The club chairs, which were popular in Western Europe then, were modified into Wing Chairs. The wings in the chair, which extend along the full length of the back-rest, are designed to hold the heat from the hearth. This locks the heat in the chair and makes the chair warm and comfortable. These chairs are lavish and can adore the interior, with its numerous designs.

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