Office Interior Design to Suit Different Work Styles

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With work style becoming more fluid and home-based, office interiors designers in Bangalore are coming up with new designs that would incorporate different work styles.

A decade ago, office designs were cubicle-based. While this design had its obvious advantages of making the workforce feel as one collective it also ended up cramping their space. The use of the Internet was through cable routed personal computers or laptops and one couldn’t really take a break from the monotony and sit by the window to work. Work had to be done within the cubicle and it couldn’t be taken outside.

Thankfully with the advent of WiFi one is not chained to the desk so to speak and with cloud technology in place, we can sit just about anywhere and do our work. With the dynamics of work style changing rapidly office interior designers in Bangalore too had to change the design of the workplace to suit the needs of today’s office.

Fluid Design

Fluid architecture or fluid design brings in a great deal of flexibility within the space planning of the office design. There are no cubicles in this design. No enclosed spaces that would make people feel claustrophobic. Open, airy, well-ventilated and natural lighting are the many elements of this design. Employees have a choice of sitting just about anywhere to work for the day. Long desks, bean bags, square cushions, alcoves, bar stools… any of these or a combination of this furniture can be used to create a fluid design.

Thematic Design

Working from home has become a viable option today and it has many advantages. Therefore it becomes essential that the interior design of the office be inspiring enough for the workforce to come and work from the space.  To discard the comforts of one’s own home, one needs a pretty good reason these days to travel to the office. A great view, inspiring interiors, focused attention, relaxing atmosphere, camaraderie… are the many reasons that one might be willing to step out. One of the many things that many Office Interior Designers in Bangalore are offering today is a thematic design that makes gives the employees a sense of pretend play and add a whimsical touch to their life.

There are office designs with alcoves that look like old age pay phones, bar-themed desks and stools, space-themed interiors, new age futuristic designs that gives them a great sense of pride to be working in the space. If the office location is strategically positioned to offer great views then one needs to take full advantage of the same. For example, if your office overlooks the beach, you really wouldn’t put up solid walls to block the view, would you? And who can resist the allure of a great view especially while at work?

Entertainment Zones

Unlike the olden days, when the office design was a long chain of cubicles and desks and the pantry tucked at the end of the room with little or no room to turn around, today’s offices harmoniously add an entertainment zone along with the work zone. A couch, a bean bag, a cosy coffee table or even a comfortable bench are put in place to allow the employees to take a breather. For many, it is these little thoughtful additions that make a huge difference and they would end up not only appreciating but also feeling happy at their workplace.

Today interior design for workplaces is all about making the employees feel comfortable, rested and inspired. If you wish to offer your employees the best workplace, you can hire Design Arc Interiors, one of the best office Interior Designers in Bangalore to design your space affordably.