Décor Ideas for Small Bathrooms

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In Real Estate parlance, the size of your bathrooms is indicative of how big your entire house really is. When more space is needed in the living room or the bedroom, the bathrooms inevitably take the cut and what we get in return is basically the bare minimum.

For those who find a small bathroom claustrophobic, here are a few décor ideas from the best interior designers in Bangalore to make it look great –

Innovative Storage Ideas

Unless you are Spartan, bathrooms will need some amount of space to keep your toiletries. Mirrored medicine cabinets are one of the best solutions that the best interior designers in Bangalore recommend for small bathrooms. Custom order a floor length mirror cabinet and you can also accommodate towels, extra supplies and fit all the toiletries that you would ever want.

Long Sink

If you have two kids sharing rooms and with the result, the same bathroom then you need to get in a long sink to save some serious space. With the sink and countertop as one long piece, you will space to keep toiletries, squeeze in some nice potpourris and have space to get ready for work at the same time.

Towel Racks over the Tub

Any basic bathroom needs towel racks and if you happen to have a small tub squeezed within the space then why not fix them over it. This is not only practical but also convenient. For one thing, you need not worry about soggy towels ruining your wall or woodwork and for another; you don’t have to tip-toe soaking wet searching for the towel. It’s right there!

Bigger the mirror the better

Best Interior Designers in Bangalore knows how to create an illusion of space, especially in a small bathroom. A small tub with a large over-sized mirror certainly gives a sense of space that is really not there.

Alcoves that work

This works great if you happen to be a man, single and Spartan. When your toiletry consists of a mere few bottles of shampoos and stuff, then alcoves would be a perfect choice for this bathroom. Two or three built-in alcoves and a body jet shower to wash away the sleep… what more could you want?

Glass Shower

If your bathroom has a nook for shower and toilet, then traditionally a shower curtain or fogged glass could be installed. But the best Home Interior Designers in Bangalore would take a different route here and go for glass doors. This gives a more sense of space within the small bathroom and will make one feel less claustrophobic.

Oval Mirrors

Installing oval mirrors is one neat trick that best Home / Office Interior Designers in Bangalore have mastered. Hanging stretchy oval mirrors has a visual effect on the space and makes the bathroom look bigger than it really is.

Natural Light

It’s never a good idea to block natural light especially if your bathroom is small. That’s how small areas become dingy and cramped. If you have a large window, then a clear glass or even a one-way mirror would be great!

There are more than a million ideas out there that can be implemented to change your dingy small bathroom into space where you can relax and put your feet up. You just need to find the best interior designers in Bangalore to work along with your project.