How To Create A Cosy Bedroom?

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Decoration tips

Bedrooms are the sanctuary in one’s home. It’s one place where one is guaranteed privacy, peace and harmony. That’s why interior decorators in Bangalore work hard to give this sanctuary a beautiful makeover so that you can relax in your home after a hard day’s work.

Patterned Wallpapers

There is something happy about floral patterns that scream cosy. There are many ways one can bring the flowers to the bedroom, bed linen, upholstery, curtains, area rug, wallpapers… the list is endless. Balancing the colour and patterns is however important so if the wallpaper is completely patterned then most interior decorators in Bangalore would opt for upholstery and bedding in a single colour. The trick is not to overdo things.

Two Tone Décor

This is a rather interesting design that can be used to great effect. Pick any two colours and use them in contrast through the entire room. For example, if green and black, green and blue, blue and pink etc. From solids to light patterns the two-tone décor makes a love cosy bedroom where one can snuggle up at any time.

Colourful Accents

Many Interior Decorators in Bangalore have used this design to great effect. It’s rather simple. Get wallpaper or curtains with printed design and pattern it over one side of the room and then use cream white or plain white for your bedding and upholstery choices for the rest of the space. The result is an airy, whimsical and cosy space that you would love to curl up and dream.

Antique Four Poster Bed

Truly nothing can be cosier than a four-poster bed with curtains. Better still if you go all out traditional and install a fireplace, a Persian rug and old mahogany furniture to match the mood. This is a great place to hang out, drink cocoa, watch old movies and sleep cosily in the arms of comfort.

Coastal Décor

So what if you do not live by the sea? It’s time to bring the sea within the confines of your home. Aquamarine colours and designs, driftwood furniture and palm motifs on the wall will do the trick nicely.

Calm Grey and Neutral Hues

There is something about light grey that relaxes our nerves and sets the mood for a vacation. A mixture of grey and white works great on the décor and when combined with bed linen patterns, rugs, upholstery, carpets and curtains you have a calm haven where you can think, relax and rejuvenate.

If you are looking to renovate your bedroom, then as one of the best Home Interior Designers in BangaloreDesign Arc Interiors can make a sanctuary right within your home.