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One may wonder if a home with kids is ever clean. You might be surprised at the results because there are homes with more than three kids that are meticulously clean and lovely to, say the least. If you have always wondered how they do it, then here is a bit of revelation. They are able to do it because some thoughtful interior designer has provided the kid’s room with ample storage space that allows them to put away every odd end of their toy, school projects, books and other interesting stuff that they deem important.

Today, many Interior designers in Bangalore are designing the kid’s room with ingenious ideas to store their stuff. Here are a few ideas from their scrapbook of designs –

Combining Play Area and Storage

As every parent would agree, it is not so much as giving a storage area but if cleaning up after a game is not inculcated in the kids, you are going to have a messy house. That’s why some Interior designers in Bangalore believe in designing the storage area to resemble their favourite pretend play. If you’re adorable girl likes to play the kitchen theme then why not create the storage area to resemble a Barbie’s kitchen and that would be motivation enough to get her to clean up. A wall of shelves is yet another great idea where large baskets can be used to store those small toys that you little one treasures.

Floating Shelves and Frames

A place for everything and everything in its place is one maxim that would serve the kids well. Most Interior designers in Bangalore are providing floating shelves and frames right next to the kid’s bed thus giving them space to put away their books for the night reading.

Multi-purpose Benches and Labeled Drawers

Where the kids are concerned, you really want to go multi-purpose all the way. Many Home Interior Designers in Bangalore have designed kids room with this one furniture that works great. Multi-purpose benches where one can open the seat to store all those lego blocks that you step on. Add a few cushions on top, the bench becomes a comfortable seat for the kid to stretch his legs on or to share space with their best friend while they play their uber-cool video games.

Yet another trick that most Home/Office Interior Designers in Bangalore get it right is labelled drawers in the kids closet. If your kid is the tardy sort (but then who isn’t?) then here is something that would serve them well in the future. Labelled drawers are one thing that would make their closet super organized and never will they search for a sock or their favourite pyjamas when their life is organized thus.


If your kid is the artsy sort who loves to make a craft, then here is one idea that would be a lifesaver for you. Most Home/Apartment Interior Designers in Bangalore are adding a pegboard in their room to plug in art, crafts, to store craft essentials etc. No more flying papers and messy drawers not when you can pin down everything.

Multi-purpose Seating

If your kid is the social one, then instead of good old chairs and sofa opt for cushioned benches with storage area in the bottom. You can design the sofa along the wall to give more room in the middle or arrange a play table in the middle with cushioned stools that double up as storage boxes. Either way you have space for stuff and more than ample space to socialize. It’s a win-win.

As one of the leading Interior designers in Bangalore, we have designed and fitted many a kids’ room with custom-made furniture and fixture that has given them more than ample space to store everything. If your home is designed by DesignArc then no more messy rooms for you and that’s a given.