5 Ridiculously Simple Tips For Purchasing Sofa Cum Bed Online


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With the ongoing summer vacation, overnight guests are going to knock on your door. You know how to impress them with your hosting tips and tricks, but a question still wanders in your mind, where to make them sleep with no guest room in your abode? A sofa cum bed comes in handy in such chaotic situation.

The sofa cum beds are the best way to make your living room spacious and stylish. It is perfect for compact apartments where space is at supreme.

Bed cum sofa makes the living room look lavish as well as provides utmost comfort. You get two at a price of one, sit on it while watching TV or sleep and watch late night FIFA matches sleeping over this bed.

A sofa-cum-bed is very flexible, elegant, stylish and comfortable. Its functionality is best for today's busy life schedule. Well, I know, now you might be looking forward to bring this beauty in your abode, but it would be a good idea to consider a few things before purchasing a wooden sofa bed.

Listed below are some simple tips to look upon while you purchase a new sofa-cum-bed online.

1. The dimension of the targeted place:

Measure the area of a room where you are going to place this fantastic sofa cum bed. It is the first thing you should do when you buy furniture online.

As, the sofa will be of full size when opened up for sleeping, it is crucial for you to measure that space too. Assure that you have enough space to walk around this furniture when it is transformed into a bed.

Don't go for the looks of the sofa cum bed available online; it won't be of any use if it's good-looking and doesn't fit appropriately in your place. A sofa bed unit should not only have surplus looks but also gives thorough comfort to everyone who sits on it.

2. Material check:

Sofa-cum-bed comes in different materials such as leatherette, fabric and velvet, choose the one that suits your decor. The online market is flooded with many options, so you might fall for a cheaper alternative this may result into discomfort.

Hence, don't fall for the cheap ones and also ensure that the stuffing of the sofa cum bed is of premium quality. A good upholstery makes the piece survive for a more extended period and ideal for long sleeping hours.

3. Location of the sofa, ‘Whereabouts’:

One of the foremost concerns is to decide the location of the sofa-cum-bed, since the furniture is heavy it takes a good space. It must be taken into consideration that the place should be spacious enough for its smooth functioning as well as there should be enough space around this, so that you can move around freely.

4. Budget-amicable:

Deciding on a budget is a strenuous task, discuss it with your family, and set a threshold. Ensure that you stick to this decided amount while shopping.

Wooden sofa cum beds are highly durable and offer top-notch comforts blend with style. However, they get expensive price labels.

5. Variety of styles of sofa cum bed:

Sofa cum beds are available online in numerous designs and styles. The online furniture store offers styles such as, pull out bed, futon or a fold-down design or sofa cum bed with storage.

The style should be chosen with precision as it would reflect your personality and choice. Sofa cum bed with storage is a desired piece for you, if you lack storage in your living space or bedroom.

Just, stuff all your belongings inside it, and you are left with a clean, organised place.

Whereas, the pull-out design lets you pull out the bed with ease when you have guests over. All the designs are stylish and relaxing.


A sofa cum bed is an epitome of comfort and versatility. This furniture has ample advantages which cannot be matched by any other unit. Since, the online furniture market is flooded with varieties, it's easy-peasy to get the desired one with paired configurations.

It is advised that you go for wooden (solid wood: sheesham, mango, teak,etc.) as the base material of your sofa cum bed. Wooden bed cum sofa is durable and everlasting.

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