Bar Stools : 6 Things to Know Before You Make a Purchase


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It’s difficult to imagine any kitchen without some sort of bar stool. Bar stools have become positively pervasive— and for a good reason. They allow family, friends and friends of friends to join you in the kitchen. Kids do their homework sitting on a bar stool at the kitchen island or countertop, where they can finagle help whether it’s needed or not. Dear friends can conversate on those same stools, keeping us company while we cook. 

But before you buy bar stools, you need to know some basics, such as what stool height you need, the style that best reflects your taste, back or no back, wood finish and many more.  So, let's dive deep into six things you need to know before you shop for bar stools online:

The Height: There is a height difference between the counter and bar stools. Counter stools fit under 35″ high counters, and bar stools fit under 40-42″ high counter tops. Before shopping for bar stools, measure the height from the floor to the underneath of the counter table to make sure you choose a bar stool or counter stool that is of the right height. Also, don’t forget to take into account the height of the arms on a wooden bar stool to make sure you can hem them under the counter without the arms getting in the way.

Back or No Back: Make sure to take into consideration whether you want bar stools with the back or without back when shopping for bar stools online. Backless bar stools will give you a simple and sleeker look and will take up less ocular space, which is a key factor in a small space, but may not be the proper fit if you spend a lot of time sitting in those stools. On the other hand, if you intend to spend a lot of time convening at the counter, a bar stool with the back is the right way to go regarding amenity. Also, if there are young kids in the house, having a wooden bar stool with a back may be a better option for added support and safety.

Picking Up the Right Material: This is the fun part— there are options aplenty while choosing a material and your choice should be made by how you expect to use them along with more aesthetic concerns. Below are few considerations:

Wood: Solid wood bar stools can assort greatly with its quality. They are more traditional and bring a homely feeling to the decor. You can also opt for dark or light color and match it with cushions or upholstery to match your style.

Metal: Metal stools are quite contemporary in appearance. They come with various styles and transformations. You can opt for different materials like stainless steel, brass or nickel in metal.

Upholstery: An upholstery cushioned seat not only adds comfort to the stool but puts in a lot of aesthetic. Buy upholstered bar stools online which is easy to maintain and gets cleaned effortlessly. Some options include leather, polyester and microfiber. 

Matching Wood Finish: If you are thinking to buy wooden bar stools, also consider the other wood finishes in the kitchen (i.e. The hardwood flooring and kitchen cabinets). Match the same finish for a consistent look or select a lighter or darker wood for more of a contrast.

How much space you’ll Need: The general rule of thumb is to allow for 25 to 30 inches between the centers of each bar stool, or one stool per 2 feet. This makes sure everyone sitting at the counter has enough arm space, and everyone is comfortable. Allow 12-15 inches from the end of the counter to make sure the stools don’t look too crowded.

Think About Footrests: Footrests will surely make things more comfortable. If you don't mind drooping or hanging your legs then, of course, this won't be an important aspect for you. However, I account that adults in the household appreciate the value of a good footrest, so make sure that this is something you look out for. It's the kind of thing you don't think about, but regret when it's not there.

Conclusion: The above mentioned were some of the essential factors that you should keep in mind before buying a bar stool online. Bar stools are the useful and trendy furniture units which are easy to work and convenient. They are the pieces which can be placed anywhere in the house and comes handy in varieties of shapes, styles, sizes and materials. So, stay stylish with a multi-feature bar stool and let your interiors and exteriors annex a space to enjoy the environs.

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