Style Your Home the Indian Way


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Indian Interior Design is the result of combination of different cultures, festivities, history, art, traditions. The Indian Style Interior decoration is combination of most different culturally rich legacy. Home interior decorators ideas to make the home a stylish look.

Home decoration theme has come through long and dynamic trans formative procedures all through the historical backdrop of the world. The advancement is because of sociological changes that happened and keep on occurring in the general public. Home decoration started with the tribal people who used to paint their 'homes' with various types of colors which they got from plants. From this period, the art of decorating homes advanced and took various styles. In the Ancient times, it was an extravagance that was just managed by the higher class. Art pieces were utilized to cover the floor and the dividers. In the middle Ages, home style turned out to be more prevalent and took new structures. Various fine arts were being stuck around the house. In India, home decoration flourished when the Mughal Empire was built up. There were new plans and new styles and the craftsmanship streamed down to the general people and they began styling their homes. As India made, there were a considerable measure of political and in addition social varieties and this added to what we see today. Distinctive components of home style were fused throughout the years as yet where we have the most extraordinary home stylistic layout culture on the planet. To guarantee that the way of life of embellishing homes keeps on living from age to age. India is a nation that is known to have a portion of the best-beautified homes.

Indian home interior decorators use vibrant colors, layers of textures, motifs, paintings and crafts. It has influence of many cultures such as Mughals, Portugese and British. Distinctive features of Indian Interior are as follows:

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