Top Five Smart Home Décor Ideas

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For most of us expansive interiors, sweeping floors, large and spacious rooms are still a pipe dream. Buying real estate in today’s economy is very tough and 99% of us have to make do with small rooms and space that leaves much to be desired.

A small space need not be a disadvantage. It can be used positively to clear clutter from your life for one thing.  For décor ideas, we have a huge repository of ideas that can make much of your space, no matter how small.

Here are five smart home décor ideas from best interior design firms in Bangalore.

Bold Colours

Size can never be an issue when it comes to style. Most home interior design companies employ a rather neat trick here by picking one colour that that resonates with the character of the residents and use it to create a space that is not only highly original but also extremely creative. Some of the best interior firms in Bangalore use variations of the same colour and tweak it according to the function of the space with a great deal of creativity.

Patterns & Textures

When you employ one colour in a space that you leaves you open to a great deal of textures and patterns. Curtains, rugs, carpets, upholstery are where the scope of creating a cosy room comes together. Selecting off the rack patterns that match with the general colour tone of the room is also a lot of fun and not to mention inexpensive. Best interior firms in Bangalore most often opt for vintage stuff that is easily available in curio shops or the flea market to source great textures that would add character and colour to space.

Curtained Bed

Perfect for a studio apartment where you need to assign a nook to your bedroom, a curtained bed not only does that but also gives you privacy. An unmade made might look ungainly and cast a decadent look on the entire space. With a curtained bed, that can be avoided and you also get to mark the space within the studio apartment. The end result is a cosy nook that you would love to retreat at the end of the day.

A Dining Nook

If your kitchen has the space to spare for a small nook, then a small dining table would be just the thing. A breakfast nook or a dining nook (however you choose to call it) might just become one of your favourite places to lounge on a lazy weekend. Some Interior decorators in Bangalore call it the last vestiges of civilized living. With technology taking over life, most of us have become addicted to the television as we sink our teeth into dinner a dining nook is just a small reminder of how good a sit-down meal would be. If your kitchen can spare the space, you can use a long pedestal table with a low sofa to accommodate a family of four. Some of the best interior firms in Bangalore have used this décor idea to great effect and have successfully turned many a bachelor pad into the most happening place in the town.

There are many smart space hacks and home décor ideas floating around but the best interior firms in Bangalore would be able to filter the most feasible ones that would fit your budget.

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