Caring Tips for Bone Inlay furniture that you should know about


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Mostly people who are familiar with the bone inlay furniture have already know that there's nothing else like it. The craftsmanship and elegance of these units are almost always far beyond your normal furniture units. Unfortunately, most of the people are not familiar with this type of furniture and don't know the cleaning and caring tips for them. Proper care and cleaning lead to long-lasting age if it and maintain its gorgeousness and sturdiness for decades. Here are some best methods to care this unique furniture:

First of all, let's cover the two huge changes for caring bone inlay furniture over regular furniture. You should not use modern cleaning products on it, because they tend to be harsh to use on these delicate artistry. Do not ever paint these with common paint; they have special paints available in the market. 

This second caring tip might surprise you. Always make sure that your furniture is somewhere at the place, where it can get proper sunlight. Unlike other furniture that react poorly to the sunlight, bones tend to lighten over the time with proper exposure. This one is the complete and simple way to counteract its natural tendency to yellow almost to the point of being pigmented. 

Now to care for your bone inlay furniture properly, you are going to need a couple of special stuff. For the actual cleaning, you will likely have to do this, and it is recommended that you pick up some spirit soap. If your furniture units have any special delicate work on it, then you will need to get some white spirit as well.  1:20 ratio of spirit soap to the white spirit. It is what you are going to need to use on the delicate portions of the artwork. Secondly, you will want to pick up the colourless beeswax. This has been found to be the perfect thing to use when it comes to polish these furniture units.

Now there is always a chance that you have bought a particularly old piece that is stained and have very heavily yellowed some places. If you want a more uniform look, there are amazing few tricks that you can employ to help remove the stains and lighten that ugly yellowing. The first step is simply applying the solution of citric acid on the stain. This will do the trick. If that doesn't work, although you will need to get a half-half solution of hydrogen peroxide and water respectively. You can always apply this solution with the brush if it is a bigger part of a unit and sometime you will need to immerse the unit in this solution for few minutes.  You will have to wait until the unit finished drying to see the actual effect of the treatment. After it, you can simply clean and polish it, and you are done. 

Conclusion: The bone inlay furniture is the quality furniture, and it is a significant investment of yours. They can serve you for years; you only have to maintain it properly. The durability and finish enhanced after proper cleaning.