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Gone are the days when wardrobes were a mere storehouse of clothes.Times have changed and so have our preferences and lifestyles. In fact, wardrobes are now customised for not just the bedroom, but other rooms as well. 

Today, we give you the must-know facts about bedroom wardrobe designing from HomeLane’s designer diaries. This includes wardrobe specifics, trends and all that you miss considering when buying a wardrobe for your bedroom.


Wardrobes come with two door styles — swing /hinged and sliding. Both the door types are preferred by people depending upon the space they have and the design they select. The sliding door is suitable when the bedroom space is less as it allows enough walking space, ensuring two people do not bump into each other. Swing doors are ideal for bedrooms with larger spaces. Besides that, some people are more comfortable with swing-open doors as it allows them a quick look at their entire wardrobe.


Partitions or sections inside the wardrobe are purely an individual’s choice depending on what items they would like to keep inside. Some would like separate sections for belts, ties, jewellery, stockings and other accessories. Others might prefer just a drawer to keep all the accessories in one place. Sections are usually created based on one’s need and comfort. Also, people prefer less number of top sections in a wardrobe as it is difficult to access them on a daily basis.


Colours surely add a lot of vibrancy to bedrooms. One can opt for contrast colours for that striking impression or you can choose colours to match the other furniture and walls in the bedroom. You can also check Armadio wardrobes from HomeLane which come in different colours and finishes, to know more about them, click here.


Laminates, veneers, solid wood, particle boards — these are some of the popular choices from the many options available for wardrobes in India. While laminates offer you a wide range of colour options to go for, solid wood is usually preferred by people who like to incorporate a wooden element in their bedroom. The recent entry to the wardrobe material guide is the use of glass/mirror to create a dresser cum wardrobe unit for bedrooms.

We understand that choosing a wardrobe for your bedroom can be quite a task, but with the above list of wardrobe basics, we are sure to get you going.

Should you need more advice, contact our team of expert interior designers who can help you make an informed decision.

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