5 Lesser-Known Facts About Interior Designers


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There’s a sort of mystique about creative work, not to mention
strange ideas that it happens in smoky rooms, that it involves looking at flowers and being suddenly inspired, and other similar fantasies. Of course, that’s not to say that these things don’t potentially happen – they probably do, just not as often as you think.

What actually does happen is a lot of work – some of which might be news to those who know little about the industry. Here are some of those ‘mysterious’ ways in which interior designers function:

1.They have a pretty good knowledge of space design, furniture materials, technical drawing, and even basic carpentry. Yup, there’s a lot that goes into making a space beautiful and functional, and it helps to know a lot of the physical aspects of the work, apart from making conceptual inputs.

2.They tend to have a pretty close relationship with technology, in the modern era. That’s right, a lot of time is spent dreaming up homes on design tools that can create a pretty accurate visual representation of those potential realities. 

3.They can specialize. No, one designer doesn’t necessarily design everything. Interior designers can specialize in a range of fields, like home design, commercial spaces, office design, even down to details like living room furniture or kitchens, or product design. 

4.They spend a lot of time talking to people. Communicating with clients is one of the most vital aspects of interior design. They need to interpret what the client wants, describe the possibilities, and then make a viable proposal out of the communications. 

5.They don’t just work for a niche market. They probably did, once upon a time, but with greater accessibility of materials and technology, interior design has made huge leaps in terms of financial compatibility. In fact, interior designers can probably help with budgeting, because they’re better aware of the costs involved and the possibilities of finding materials at more reasonable prices. 

In other words, you can safely conclude that interior design is not as much of a mysterious process as it is a lot of complex and multi-layered work, but definitely a both creative and functional effort that offers plenty of job satisfaction.

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