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Identifying the best and reliable interior design company in Bangalore

Interior design is not painting one’s house or helping to select the matching curtains. It’s much more than that. One might even quote Steve Jobs quote here, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works.”

The interior design begins with a style to which imagination is added, a flow is established and a balance of colour is strived for. It is an art of creating functional spaces that would enhance the lives of the people living with it.

They say that a good interior design combines usefulness with at least one of the following – beauty, comfort, efficiency, economy or durability.

When you search for the best interior design companies in Bangalore you should look for these attributes -

#1 Exclusive Style

Design and style are never static. They have to evolve. What was chic and stylish might seem old today. That’s the essence of life. Interior design is no different. Where style of your interiors are concerned, you will need to decide and make up your mind as to what you need foremost from your space? Do you want to take the elegant route and opt for stylish fixtures designed to awe your guests? Do you prefer comfort over elegance and want your space to be comfortable and snug?

The interior design style that you prefer can dictate the choice of Interior Decorators in Bangalore. There are some companies that specialize in one particular style while others are versatile and can take on the challenge to design any style that you fancy.

Identifying an exclusive style for your space can be easily done. There are hundreds of references available on the Internet today. Contemporary, minimalistic, eclectic, modern or traditional – find a trend that resonates with your personality.

There are an infinite array of options to choose from, based on your personality, choice of lifestyle and character.

If identifying a particular style is problematic, you could go with any of these four main styles – Casual, Formal, Contemporary or Traditional.

Most Interior design companies in Bangalore should be able to deliver design styles that would fall within the purview of these four main styles. To select a right interior design company, you would be wise to go through their portfolio to check what they have designed so far. Note the style elements that they have adopted. Some design companies are adept at delivering picture-perfect spaces that you would be proud to invite your guests in but they may not be versatile enough to accommodate the unexpected. 

Customization and personalization are two most important factors where interior design is concerned. Blending two different styles to create a polarizing effect is an art that only experienced Interior decorators in Bangalore can pull off. And that’s one of the most important factors that one needs to look for while checking out the interior design company’s portfolio.

# 2 Mindful of Latest Trends

Honestly, a good interior design company should be mindful of the latest trends. That said, they should also have worked the field and used these trends in their projects.  For a novice, trends might seem very confusing because there are so many of them around. That’s why we need good interior design companies in Bangalore to steer clients away from making a wrong choice. Good interior design companies would be able to blend the latest trends within the interior space seamlessly.

They would also know how to bring your vision to life. Right from space planning to interior architecture, every little detail comes to life when you hand over the project to the right interior décor company.

Good Interior design companies in Bangalore would have experience, training and creativity to spin solutions out of the thin air. They will also be imaginative enough to balance the client’s lifestyle and the desired mood for the space to design a comfortable and elegant interior that they would be proud to show off or lounge about.

#3 Approach to Customers

This is the most important attribute upon which hinges the entire project. Good Interior decorators in Bangalore should primarily listen to your requirements and factor in a design that would work for the future as well. Any decent interior design company can deliver a picture-perfect Pinterest worthy space that you would be proud to flaunt but great Interior Decorators in Bangalore would plan your space for the future as well. They would not only provide you with what you want but also with what you need. It is this distinction that makes all the difference in the industry.

A good interior design company would factor in the customer’s lifestyle, personality and most importantly their requirements and expectations from a living space. Their design would combine huge dollops of practicality with comfort, luxury, elegance and affordability.

While presenting their ideas and design to the client, a mere plan doesn’t work these days. The client needs to visualize the space that has been created for them and personalize it with a few tweaks. 3D plans and virtual models are the best possible ways through which a good interior design company can make you literally feel at home. When you feel your home through a 3D model you can get an absolute sense of whether the style that you chose for your space, works or not. If it doesn’t, then all you need to do is to change the plan until you get the perfect one.

Good Interior decorators in Bangalore plan their work to the ‘T’ and it avoids complications at the later stage. They will set foot within the space, only after they have nailed the perfect interior plan design that has been approved by you. This helps avert interior design disasters wherein many people have been forced to live in an impractical space that is downright uncomfortable, all because they didn’t have a sense of what’s being designed for them.

#4 Customization

Any design or style must be customized to maximize and emphasize comfort and elegance. There are different levels of customizations that can be done with space. In terms of interior fixtures, durability and aesthetics ought to be balanced with perfect proportion. Impractical fixtures that cost a bomb just because they look good need to be avoided. Furniture is one element of the interior where a great deal of customization can be done. Modular cabinets, vintage one-of-kind furniture, sourced and restored can be opted for.

Where the style and design are concerned a great deal of customization in terms of colour, fabric and texture is possible. This is where good Interior designers Bangalore will bring in your personality to space and enhance it with a great deal of imagination.

Spatial planning is one of the most important aspects of good interior home design. Interior designers Bangalore should have the vision to see the potential that space offers and create comfort zones within them.

One attribute that defines good Interior designers Bangalore is its vendors. Most often, one’s vendor list is an indication of how good an interior design company really is. When you have a huge list of vendors supplying fixtures, materials and décor elements of all possible varieties, a great deal of customization can be imagined and implemented.

#5 Quality and Workmanship

These are two key attributes that set an interior design company apart. The materials that they use for each project and its quality are of paramount importance. While opting for quality and durability of the fixtures, they must also keep an eye on the budget that they have agreed for. It is a delicate balance but it must be maintained nonetheless.

Workmanship is totally a question of capability, capacity and experience. Most interior design firms have a carpentry team of their own while those with less experience in the industry work outsource the same. It’s here that many designers lose clients. Their vision, dreams and plans look good on the paper but when it comes to deliverables, the furniture and fixtures lack in quality and workmanship. Ultimately the customer is saddled with something tacky and inelegant.

Yet another aspect that one needs to keep in mind is the capacity of the interior design company. They might have a great design team, capable architects and interior designers but if their in-house carpentry team is small and not scalable then inevitably there will be delays in handing over the project or you might have to compromise on the quality.

Before you sign up an interior design company, you will need to check the following –

1.    Visit the sites where the company has designed the interiors

2.    Talk to previous clients and learn how their projects were handled by the company

3.    Check out whether they can stick to the budget that you have in mind

4.    Shortlist four or five designers and pick the best out of them

#6 Budget and Timelines

One of the most important factors in interior design is the budget. Renovations and makeovers are by no means cheap. Keeping within a budget and yet delivering a picture perfect space needs a lot of imagination and creativity. If Interior decorators in Bangalore are good and reliable, they will offer you a lot of options that would give a new spin to space without costing much. A new piece of furniture, a different shade of curtains or rugs or just a grand chandelier can transform a drab into wow. Big unlimited budgets for interior designs are pipe dreams and if an interior design company says that they can’t operate within a reasonable budget, then one might conclude that they lack in imagination.

Timeline is vitally important where interior design is concerned. Whether it is home or office, people are waiting to move in and resume their lives, therefore, it is essential that timelines that are agreed upon be adhered to strictly.

The standard practice that most interior design companies follow is to sign an agreement after you approve the plan that they have designed for your space. This plan will include details of the materials used, furniture supplied, repairs undertaken and materials sourced from suppliers, warehouse and vendors. The timeline too should be included here with dates clearly mentioned as to when they would hand over the site to you.  

There are many interior design companies that can be deemed as the best and reliable. Renovations are basically an investment that we make on the property to increase and enhance the comfort level of the space. It also inevitably increases the value of the property. That’s why selecting a good and best interior design is important and vital because this is not an endeavour that you can embark on every other day.