Different types of the chest of drawers


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The storage furniture is essential in every room as it keeps all the miscellaneous items in a sorted and organized way. Chest of the drawer is a piece of storage furniture which is equipped with several stacks of drawers. It has a great history, as its used from ancient time as a closet. People use it for different purposes, for instance, storing accessories, toys, personal care items etc. The design of the furniture was beautifully crafted with precise detailing. It is the second important furniture in the bedroom after the bed. It is also called chest of the bureau as it organizes and sorts the stuff, so they are easily accessible. It's quite obvious that whenever we search for the things which are frequently used we always go for the drawers. You can buy chest of drawers online as there are enormous designs available with different style and pattern. So choose the best unit which matches with your interior and the rest of units at your home. The modern homes are equipped with a variety of furniture and likewise, but this unit has a flat surface on the top so you can keep some beautiful decoratives or your exclusive display assets.

Chests of drawers come in different types, numbers of drawers, variations in drawer size and configuration, but most of them are wider than they are tall. The flat top surface for a mirror, jewelry boxes, photographs etc. Many are waist level with a single column of three to five drawers. Some drawers are full length while some are half-length. Tall dressers are taller as compared to width and have a single column, and they all are about chest high. 

Commode: It is a French style chest of drawers. It is a lower height and wider than it is tall. Most of them have drawers, but some do not. This type is normally made of hardwoods, some had marble tops, shelves, and some of them had carvings. Moreover, many are curved in the front and sometimes the sides, also. Consumers may be able to find vintage or antique commodes.

Sideboard: When it is placed in the dining room is called a sideboard. Sideboards had a European origin but became popular after some time. They are waist level and are intended to serve food and drinks from the flat surface and store the items in the drawers and cabinets.

Chiffonier: It is usually taller than the antique and sideboard ones are usually made of rosewood and feature doors to hide the drawers.

Highboy and Lowboy: They are chests of drawers popular in previous generations. The highboy has many drawers, some of which can only be reached with a stepladder or by standing on the bed.

Tansu: It is a Japanese style chest of drawers. People can find antique tansus made with a variety of woods, such as cedar, cypress, and elm.

Armoire: Also called a chifforobe or wardrobe, it contains drawers, shelves and space for hanging clothes. People use the armoire for its variety of storage area, if they do not have a closet in the room, or simply for showcasing the excellent choice in furniture.

The wooden chest of drawers can also be used as a dressing table. This is another feature of this unit where you can use it a different way. When you have limited space in your room and cannot accommodate both the units, then it will be helpful as you can place a mirror on this furniture and keep all your beauty products in the drawers. You can also customize the complete unit by providing your prerequisites concerning dimensions, quality, size, material and type. This will facilitate you to craft your own furniture which perfectly matches with your wooden collection and enhance the beauty of your home.

Conclusion: Choose the most elegant chest of drawers which enhances the beauty of your bedroom. The storage furniture is best suited to keep your miscellaneous stuff, and you can easily access them. The quality of the furniture available online is genuine and durable. You will upgrade the interior by placing a nicely crafted drawer in your room.

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