House Construction—Points to consider before you start


Building problems and solutions

Constructing your own house is almost an adventurous and thrilling trail. You have to be continuously involved in all the processes to bring your dream home into reality. You need to be aware of what you have to do and be careful so that you do not end up gasping on the end results of your house construction. Below are few points that you need to consider before you start with your house construction.

Know your budget

The first important thing before planning construction of new house is to know how much money you would want to spend on it. Deciding your budget is the first step. And then sticking to it throughout the process of planning and construction process such that the amount does not exceed much. But you should always have an additional amount kept aside in case of increasing cost concerns due to unforeseen delays. Even future repairs and maintenance costs should also be considered.

Finance options

There are many finance options available for you to build your home. You can analyse which banks provide loans for building homes and what other grants are available from the government. You can check if you are eligible for the PMAY (Pradhan mantra awas yojana), under which grants are provided for home construction. 

Interests and requirements                  

You should be clear about what you want. You should have an idea of how you would want to feel in a space and how your interiors would be like. Proper research on internet can give you lots of option and help you figure out what you want your new home to be like. 

Appointing an architect or interior designer

To enhance your desires and put them into order, its essential to appoint an architect or interior designer for developing design and planning of your new house or renovation purpose. Choosing from so many available architects is another important task. You should take into consideration their earlier works and contact people to know if they were happy with their service.

Planning and choosing materials

With the help of an architect or interior designer, you further decide and plan your house. After you tell them your specific requirements and interests, they produce drawings and renderings that help you to understand how your house will look. After continuous interactions and changes when you finally are sure about what is the right design for you, the drawings are finalized. You can suggest and tell them if you are certain about materials you want to use.

Estimating the cost of your design

Estimating costs services are provided such that you can have an idea of how much you will spend on the design. Cost estimators are also available online that help you to determine the basic costs according to your specified details about construction area and material to be used. This can give help you to decide how to go about making changes in your designs to get everything done within budget.

Choosing the suitable contractor

Selecting the right contractor for the job is necessary if you are constructing a new home or renovating the existing one. Be sure to investigate about their previous completed or ongoing projects and contact references to find out if the contractor gives satisfactory service. You should also take quotations about specifications of materials and rates from different contractors and see which one suits you the best.

An understanding of documents

Final drawings, designs layouts, elevations and height constraints, carpet area and built up area, necessary approvals for construction or extension should be kept ready. Then later you should consider consulting an advocate for legal purposes such sales deeds, sales agreement and registration.

Project Management

An understanding of project management is necessary so that your construction is finished in time and there is no delay in work process. It is important to set targets and deadlines for completion of different phases of construction. Even delay in a single phase of construction affects other phases and causes overall delay which in turn increases cost and your stress too. So, it is essential to keep a track of work done and also check if the desired quality of work is produced.