8 Creative Ways to Hang Wall Hangings in Your Home


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Whether it is a unique art-piece, a kind-of-an original painting, a framed print, photographs or a canvas print, it is true that adding wall hangings to your home decor will enhance your room with colour and style and will often become an eye-catching and focal point in the abode.

But, Whether you’ve purchased your first wall hanging online or might be your 20th, there is always a lingering question: “What is the best creative way to hang this? Don’t Worry! From art that scrambles around the corners to unique twisting ideas, propped and even a pulley system, perhaps one of these eight creative ways for wall hangings will inspire a change in your home.So, have a look at these:

Around the Corner: Mount small wall hangings around the corner of your wall, touching horizontally with each other. Start out from the longer wall and continue hanging small art pieces right around the corner of your room, extending onto the next wall for one or two feet for a more beautiful look.

Two rows of Wall Hanging: This super easy and flexible arrangement is based on two narrow rows that hold a collection of related wall hangings online or photographs. To determine how high to hang the top row, place your largest wall hanging on the lower row and measure one to two inches above it. Indeed it will fill both rows with the most classic and rich look.

On a Pulley: To give a unique display treatment to your wall hanging, hang it using old marine rope or vintage hardware. It will bring a rustic and vintage appeal to your room. Create your own twist by using whatever you like.

Wall Hangings, in a grid: This is ultimately a fun way to build an art wall—all you have to do is—just buy a grouping of wall hangings online from one collection you love and hang everything together. You can also buy multiple walls hanging having same theme or color to give a more striking look.

Go for Salon Style: To bring this beautiful style in your room—start with the largest wall hanging. Center it in the middle or just off the middle, and then place the rest of the wall hangings around it in a way that pleases your eye. Also, to achieve this style perfectly, it is advised to use craft papers and tapes.

In long rows: Not a grid and not a salon style, this arrangement is based on similar-size wall hangings hung in long, horizontal rows. Use either same-colour frames or same-color wall hanging (for example, all black and white) for a unified look.

Mixed Maker: Why stick with paintings and prints when 3-D objects can make things so much more fun? Add texture and depth to your gallery wall by propping small objects atop frames; choose wall hangings on canvas, wood and paper; or use pins and strings to create interesting shapes.

Propped: To give a perfect finishing touch or eclectic look to the room:  prop up the wall hanging or painting frame against a bookcase or wall! For this—All you have to do is—set a stack of books in front of the painting and place a large vase filled with branches on the floor beside it.

Make way for wall hangings in your home. They will not only boost up the insipid interiors but also add a sense of positivity and liveliness around. Wall hangings are one of the prominent aspects of interior designing. They can transform the aesthetic vibe in a matter of minutes. Also, choosing them according to the rest of theme will actually give you with an excellent artwork on the walls of your home.

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