How to Choose Perfect Wardrobe Design For Your Bedroom


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Wardrobes are the essential piece of furniture in the bedroom for everyone. It is very important to organise and store all the necessary belongings of yours. The choice of yours based on your preferences as well as the design of  specific room/bedroom. They play important role in organising your room. They can change the whole look of our room if they are perfectly chosen and set. You can easily buy them from any retailer's shop and online as well. But it is advised that, before buying them, explore their types, different designs, materials and storage options. These options allow you to make a sensible and perfect choice for wardrobes. Let's have a look at some amazing tips for buying them:

What type of storage do you need?  You should know the storage requirements of yours that what kind of storage do you need in the wardrobe. They come with different type of sections. These sections allow you to store, organize your clothes and other stuff in a better way. Apart from that, there is one important thing to keep in mind is the available space in your room for the wardrobe. This should match the exact and actual measurements of the available space. Some important points to consider are :

a) The wardrobe doors and drawers should have enough space to be opened easily.

b) It should be placed away from windows and doors to allow the ease of use.

c) They should place away from humidity and direct sunlight, cause they both can affect its colour and longevity.

Wooden wardrobe designs need so much care from sunlight, moisture and humidity, they are very common in traditional decor.

Types of wardrobes: 

Two doors and three-door Wardrobes: The two-door and three door wardrobes are the most commonly used, and they have the hanging rod and an open shelf at the top of it. You can opt three-door wardrobe design for more storage. It has two distinct hanging rods along with the third door that containing shelves and drawers.

Gents Wardrobe: This is a two door wardrobe which has drawers at the bottom and meant for keeping shoes or other stuff, this is called gents wardrobe.  Wardrobe with Drawers: They have either drawers at the bottom like gents wardrobe, or there could be one full compartment with lots of drawers for different storage capacity. 

Choose organiser compartments: Think about your daily needs, if you have so many pairs of shoes, other collection of clothes and accessories, then you need a bedroom wardrobe with a pullout tray, having a shoe bar can be a good option for you. If you have lots of trousers and pants, there is a steel rod for them. If you like to keep your summer and winter collection separately, there are separate drawers for them. You can organise your cloth collection in a better way. This thing will help you to choose best columns and sections which will serve you the right functionality. 

Finish and colour:  Colours will vary according to your choice of materials and finishes. For example, Mahogany has a reddish brown finish, and Oak is lighter and very durable. 

Knobs and Handles: It is always good to check the quality of knobs and handles that have been used for the doors and drawers. Make sure that they are rust proof handles and good quality. If there are knobs used in drawers, make sure they are properly fitted, as knobs tend to come off easily. 

Different types of wardrobes designs: 

Wardrobes are the most used furniture piece in the entire house after a bed. So, considering its usage, one should always make sure to operate, have enough storage space and blend with the interior decor of the house. They come in many styles and designs. Have a look and select the one that suits you best: 

Free Standing wardrobe design: This one is the most basic and traditional type of the wardrobes. It is found almost in every household as they are easy to move and looks very sober. The single drawback of free-standing wardrobe is that it consume room space for easy door operation. Free-standing wardrobes are available in metal, plastic and wood. 

Wall Mounted wardrobe design:  People prefer wall mounted wardrobes over traditional free standing wardrobes. And the basic reason is space. They take less space as compared to traditional one. Plus they look graceful and available in every size.

Sliding Door wardrobe design:  They are in trend nowadays. They offer you extra storage space as they built floor to ceiling plus they don't require extra space for opening the door. This construction allows you to use the space, above the hanging area. You can store blankets, sheets and other stuff.

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