Buy an elegant looking kitchen island for your kitchen


Decoration tips

It is important to understand that every kitchen needs a kitchen island at its centre to complete it. The islands have become ideal furniture units of the contemporary or modern kitchens. They are very much like the old-fashioned hearth. Now it has become a sensation because First, islands are the much-used area in a kitchen. It is because they are accessible from all the sides of a kitchen like an old and shabby kitchen table, they are ideal for every kitchen task. 

Second, this freestanding piece can instantly become the central or focal point of a cooking place as they have the looks and feel of a very professional and systematic domestic laboratory. A smartly designed island kitchen will offer an area for people to come, sit and enjoy a cup of tea. On the other hand, it also separates those who cook and cleans from those who just hang out. 

When you are all set to plan an island, here are the key points to consider: 

Function is the priority: kitchen islands will only be installed if and only they fulfil their function. Below are a few things that islands should do and some nuggets of design for each aspect.

The cleanup:

• the door of a dishwasher should get proper clearance. 

• Bins and pull out garbage to be placed near the sink. 

• Provide storage for towels, different kinds of soaps, etc. 

• Counters of dual height to veil the dirty dishes from view. 

Food preparation: 

• create storage for small appliances 

• the cooking platform and fridge should be close by. 

• The butcher block counters and a prep sink are great additions.

• the countertop should be made of heat-resistant material like stone or tile for hot pans. 

• A chimney or an exhaust fan.  

• Create a raised eating place which should be out of the range of stains.

For dining informally: • have the width and height of the counter designed as per standard size chairs or stools.  

• Edges that are softly moulded are more comfortable to lean on.  

It happens that we get a kitchen island without thinking much on the floor clearance and space. An island will only be much of use if it doesn't overshadow or clutter the place. Hence, there are a few points that should be considered to achieve minimum clearance between cabinets and islands. Keep in mind that it is better to have more floor space. 

Storage, placement ad size: Kitchen islands consume a lot of space. At the least, an island should be 4 feet in length and a tad bit more than 2 feet deep, but it should also have room for people to move and cook around it easily. Your kitchen should be big enough to make the entire place look spacious and grand after placing a kitchen island in it. 

Storage needs: Having a kitchen island would be very beneficial for you as you will get an extra place for chopping and cooking. With this, you will also get proper space for storage. In the cabinets, you can prefer to store platters, run-ons, napkins etc. 

Proper ventilation and lighting: where ever there is an activity, there is a direct need of light. For kitchen islands, that means proper lighting- you can't depend on pale light to illuminate the workplace. The task lights won't be able to hide as they do in the upper cabinets situated elsewhere in the kitchen.

Another option to go for is to have pendant lights, which hang from the ceiling. But you got to be a bit careful with these, though. It's easy to hang them at the wrong heights, which could either block your view from the island or blind you with a high-intensity light coming directly into your eyes. 

You can choose to have pendant lights, hanging from the ceiling. But you got to be a little careful in fixing them as they could hang from wrong heights too which could end up either blocking your view from the island kitchen. Whatever type of lights you prefer to have, make sure they can be dimmed when they are not in much use.  A kitchen island will make your kitchen look organised and increase the functionality of the place. Different types of them are available. It is a challenge for a layman to choose the right island for the kitchen. You will reach to the destined kitchen island when you do proper research beforehand. Happy shopping!

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