Know more about the multi-purpose Ottomans and pouffes.


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Ottomans and pouffes are the most vibrant looking units of furniture that not only add colours but extra individual seating to the place. They are the best to have in the parties when there are people coming in and out in large numbers. We always put a lot of thought and money into buying the mainstream furniture units, completely forgetting about the significance of having ottomans and pouffes in our dwelling. You can place them anywhere, at any corner to bring those shabby and forgotten areas into life. 

Something more about them: if you are looking for a place to put your feet on, there's no better seat then an ottoman. A basic ottoman consists of a padded footstool, having a wooden frame and an appealing upholstery covering, but there is a diverse variety of them which have unique styles and multiple functions. If you love curling up on a couch, an ottoman with open shelves for you to keep your remote controls, books and magazines keep everything and anything you want to have within an easy reach. On an entryway, you can place an ottoman with open shelves for the shoes of your family members. Other styles of them are also available in the market that can also function as a coffee table, extra seating and even a bed. With so many options and types going around, it's easy to find ottomans that look amazing and do all the things you want. Let's know more about them in the following points:

Types of ottomans and pouffes:

1) Traditional and elegant ottomans: the name says it all, traditional ottomans or the basic ones focus more on the ottoman's real purpose which is- giving you a strong and sturdy footrest. Most of the traditional ones are designed for a single person and can also be an extra seat, but a larger ottoman can give a footrest for an entire couch or even for a bench. Smaller ones can be easily tucked away in a closet or corner when not in use. The traditional ottomans can either sit flat on a floor or is raised with wood feet and legs, often with intricate details. You can also from durable or leather fabrics to suit any of the room decors. 

2) Ottomans with storage: ottomans that have a storage facility with them are comfortable, conceal clutter or mess and add style all at the same time. These ottomans have hinged tops that open up to give access to a convenient storage area. Some designs have drawers instead of hinged tops. Others have shelves for easy access to stored products. Storage ottomans are considered great for stashing away the things you'd rather not have out in the open. For instance- DVD collections, magazines, pillows and blankets. You can have rectangular, round or square storage ottomans to fit in any room decor. 

3) An ottoman as a coffee table: no need to feel guilty about putting your feet on this kind of coffee table. These ottomans are normally larger than the basic or traditional designs, but they save the space graciously because they merge two different functions in a single unit of furniture. In most designs, the entire surface is covered and padded with a material that wipes down easily. Some ottoman coffee tables come with removable surfaces consisting of pillows and trays. This will let you have an easily adaptable ottoman that can be used as per your requirements. In other models, the section in the middle can be used for the different decoratives, on the other hand, the outside sections will serve as a regular ottoman top. Ottomans functioning as coffee tables has storage inside to help reduce mess and clutter while keeping the items of daily use within reach. 

4) Pouffes: the pouf ottomans are lightweight. They are legless so they can be used anywhere in homes. This multi-faceted ottoman comes in many sizes and shapes from knitted cubes to round leather ones. A few pouffes instantly make any place or room more welcoming, comfortable and stylish for everyone. They are especially awesome in children's bedrooms and playrooms because of their lightweight built and vibrant colours. Kids can easily take them from one place to another to play on the free floor.

Summary : there is no valid reason for not to have ottomans and pouffes in your house. They bring colours, vibrancy, extra seating, can function as a coffee table and also as a footrest. There are several ways to incorporate them into your room decor. Choose the ones that compliment and accentuate the atmosphere in which they are placed.

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