8 Ways to incorporate good looking benches in the home design


Decoration tips

Whether you are planning to buy a new bench or thinking to repurpose an old bench, the chances for this often-overlooked furniture unit are limitless. Benches are the furniture pieces that apart from providing a stylish decor to space also provides a comfortable spot to enjoy the environs. They are the flexible units which can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

Benches available online offer seating solution and can be used for unconventional purposes like as a storage unit, plant stand and likes. They are the pieces which come in wide variety of designs, materials, sizes and styles.  Here we have listed some amazing ways to incorporate this forgotten furniture unit back into home decor. 

1. Put it in porch: Decorative wooden benches when placed in the outdoors of the home give the house an inviting and charming look. They also add personality to space.  Thus place them in the porch and transform your area into a liveable spot. You can also decorate the bench with some colourful cushions for a comfortable and inviting feeling. 

2. Hang them out: Another dynamic way to use benches available online in India is by hanging them. In front of your house or in the garden, hang them and turn them into a fantastic swing. You can also add a canopy on them for perfect seating. On the poolside, the bench can be used as a place to keep towels and other accessories. In the backyard, it can be the inspiration for a unique design. 

3. At the end of the bed: Placing a modern bench at the foot of the bed is a chic and cool way to decorate the bedroom beautifully. You can decorate it with cushions and throws that complement the colour and style of the bedroom. Bench in the bedroom can be used for seating, as a storage option or as a place to wear shoes.

4. Seating for the garden: A sturdy and stylish wooden bench can give the garden a classic touch while preserving its connection to nature. Here it can be paired with chairs and tables for a wonderful seating or an old bench can be used as a plant stand to showcase beautiful green plants. You can also paint your wooden benches to match the colour of your flowers for a vibrant design element. 

5. As a filler: If your home has enough dead-space, then benches can be the ultimate solution. Place them in the empty hallway and pair them with bookshelves or other styled units for a professional look. You can also place them near a window to create a beautiful reading nook. Decorate the bench with throw pillows for a comfortable space to read and to tie up the overall theme of the room. 

6. As an ottoman: Small backless benches can make a perfect ottoman. Upholstered it in the similar fabric as that of the sofa and use it as a footrest, coffee table or for other purposes. It will not only act as a decorative accent but will also give the home a charming appeal. You can also move it from one place to another. 

7. As a focal point: If you want to cover a larger space with a bench that catches everyone eye towards it then customised it to suit your needs. You can go for a custom-made bench with a storage having a tall upholstered headboard. Or can use heavily textured pieces for an appealing design piece. 

8. As a dining unit: Complete your dining table set by incorporating a wooden bench with armrest in place of two chairs. They will not only help you to accommodate a large number of guests but will also save enough floor space. Because of the flexible design of the benches, they can be customized to match the style of your space. These were some interesting ways to incorporate stylish and beautiful benches in the home. Benches are just not the furniture piece to sit and keep items; they are the lovely style accent that provides a beautiful decor to the house. Whether placed indoor or outdoor, they are an excellent way to give the room an enhanced appeal without sacrificing seating.

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