Materials used for Balcony Furniture


Decoration tips

Balconies are little pieces of paradise we build for ourselves. When we want to reconnect with ourselves, the nature or universe, or with the God inside, balconies serve as little corners of promoting healthier forms of escapism. Be it your meditation sessions, a cup of coffee in the evening after a long exhausting day or lazy romantic breakfasts on Sunday mornings, life happens in your balcony in more ways than one.

Such an important section of your home needs to be primed and pruned to serve all your moods. Greenery is not only your friend but also of the planet’s. Use it wisely. Not every furniture has the robustness to withstand the extreme weather conditions that an outdoor furniture has to endure. And so, the material you choose for balcony furniture has to be different than what you usually allow in your interiors. Naturally, you’ll look for furniture built out of materials that are resistant to wind, high temperatures, fading, and is rust proof. While looking for such all-weather materials, it is equally important that the material you choose is not just durable but is also comfortable and easy to maintain and more importantly, is aesthetically pleasing.

Types of furniture you are allowed to consider 

Hardwood Teak and Sheesham are specialised types of timbers that are heavily used in the furniture industry because they are exceptionally durable and they are, hands-down, the most beautiful and quality rich wood out there. They are not exactly very light and their mobility is a bit restricted, but they can be used in making tables for balconies. It is advised that you learn to take care of your hardwoods, their cycles of polishing and cleaning have to be regularised because, hello, mounds and mildew! Okay, Bye. 

Cast Aluminium Let’s go back to basic science, shall we? Aluminium is resistant to oxidisation because it develops a sticky coat of aluminium oxide over its clean surface, preventing it from further exposure to air and the subsequent degradation. This makes them durable. Also, Cast Aluminium makes for light furniture that can solve the mobility issues posed by hardwood furniture units. Talking about the balcony furniture online, easy to carry around chairs can be used in your balcony to create an airy and accessible space.

Steel Wrought Iron is preferred by some people for manufacturing outdoor furniture fit for balconies because it provides the scope for beautiful designs and creating a traditional look. While rustic might look good in the outdoors, the aftercare is difficult and the bulkiest is a stone in our otherwise smooth path of a beautiful balcony. We have a love-hate relationship with Iron because it is prone to rusting and has less life than we would like for our furniture. So, steel, lightweight, rust-resistant beauty that it is, happens to be the perfect solution. It requires lesser attention and aftercare. If budget is an issue, then you can easily go for aluminium made furniture because it has all the properties of steel at a much cheaper price.

What are the fabrics that you can use?  Fabrics that are resistant to high temperatures and fading can be used to upholster outdoor furniture. Fabrics like cotton canvas, duck cloth, olefin fibres, textilene (woven polyester PVC coating), vinyl, etc., can be used to embellish your balcony furniture.

Summary: Balcony furniture adds grandeur to your otherwise abysmal balcony and turns it into a special corner closer to your heart. It is wise to use planters along with the right furniture units in the balconies. Furniture made out of aluminium, wrought iron, stainless steel and hardwood are often used in balcony furniture. You should keep in mind these little bits of details when you go out to buy balcony furniture, which can be bought from your local store or you can buy balcony furniture online.

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