From Expert's Desk: 6 Tips and Tricks to choose right style bathroom Cabinets


Decoration tips

Furnishing a bathroom involves a lot of different choices regarding bathroom cabinets. Based on the level and decor, do you want a large bathroom cupboard? Or want a floating cabinet design? Do you want to have a contemporary style unit? Or want to go for custom-built units? And the list goes on. The choices can prove to be overwhelming. 

The bathroom cabinets in the bathroom play a huge role in giving an organised and impressive look. They are the units which not only comes with storage shelves and drawers, but some of them also comes with a mirror to provide an airy look to space. Thus when you are choosing a particular bathroom cabinet online, keep certain factors in mind.  Here are some tips for choosing the right size and style bathroom cupboards.  

1. Consider the functionality: When you are selecting a new storage unit for your bathroom, decide what type of cabinet you need. Also, make sure everything will be accessible. If you have a small bathroom, then get creative and opt for the cabinet that can double duty. If you are makeup connoisseur, then bathroom cabinet designs with extended storage space are a wise option to choose.  If you have children in the home, then go for custom-built bathroom cabinets.The way the bathroom is used has a great impact on the material and style of the storage units. 

2. Consider cabinet drawers: Whatever type of bathroom unit you choose, make sure you go for the well-constructed cabinet with drawers, which are at least 3/8 – 1/2 inches thick. Always avoid cabinets having stapled construction. Check to ensure that the bathroom cabinet drawers are properly placed in their box, glide smoothly and open easily. They should not sag when extended fully.

3. Sort out your design Choices: The choices of styles and designs are endless. They are categorised regarding colours, materials, accents etc. and in a couple of major categories to narrow down your options. To start with the basic, the first category is free standing bathroom cabinets. They apart from including a large number of shelves, also feature mirror, backsplash and likes. Corner or L-shaped cabinets are another options to style the bathroom amazingly. Another bathroom cabinet design deal with add-ons for increased functionality. These include cabinets for storing linens, units placed over the toilet, built-in bins for laundry, etc. 

4. Cabinet accessories, doors and hardware: Door style, hardware and other accessories enhance the look of the bathroom storage units. From modern to traditional, a number of door styles are available at affordable prices. There are doors of the cabinets that are flushed, or have and elevated central panel. Different decorative accessories such as posts etc. provide a customised look to the cabinetry. Doors and drawers look good when coordinated or identical. The same applies for hardware. Make sure you consider each item as an entity before finalising. But bathroom storage units is not all about the looks. Consider accessories that are easy to use as well. 

5.Know the trends: Consider the trends before buying a bathroom cabinet online. Regardless of how much you love the cabinet, you don't want the room to appear outdated. Factoring in the trends plays a great role in enhancing the overall look and feel of the space. For instance, lighting is currently a trending element in the bathroom units. Many homeowners are also making it a point to match the cabinets with rest of the furniture units in the home. Regarding amazing style, a current trend is designing cabinets to give off a furniture look. This means there are smaller pieces involved and raised panelling. Additionally, this trend has created an inclination for darker colours with materials like cherry or walnut. 

6. Consider material and finishes: Bathroom cupboards receive considerable wear and tear and thus it is important to go for the units that are made of materials that can withstand heat, excessive moisture and water. Typically storage units are made of solid wood. The material choices depend upon the price. Most manufacturers offer cabinets which are painted, glazed, stained and in distressed finishes. These were some tips on choosing the right size and style bathroom cabinet online. Bathroom cabinets not only provide space to store toiletries, towels and other bathroom essentials but also help provide the area with an organised and appealing look. They also very efficiently utilise the space. Thus before finalising consider the bathroom space and decor for a fantastic and admiring look.

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