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Are you a lover of books? Want to include as many books as you can of your favourite writer in your home, but the space in the room resist you from doing this? Then include book racks in the space and give your home a classic and inviting appeal. Book Shelves are the furniture pieces which comes with various shelves and drawers and can be placed in the living room, kids room, dining area etc. They are the pieces which not only provide space to keep the book, decorative items and other knick-knacks but also provides the home with a style and beauty. Bookshelf furniture available online are useful pieces to avoid the clutter in the space. This article covers some types of bookcases available in the market. Take a look and give your home a marvellous appearance.

1. Standard Bookshelf: These style book racks are the basic, freestanding furniture units. They are large and comes with an array of support walls, horizontal or vertical shelving and backing wall. They are designed to sit flush against the walls and are often rectangle and tall. Standard bookshelves are generally made of wood, but one can find them in every material online.

2. Decorative Bookcases: Decorative bookcases as the name suggest are the stylish pieces, designed to hold and display books, decorative items and other flashy knick-knacks. They not only add a style statement to the room but also give the space a functional look. Whether placed in the living room or home office, these designer bookshelves will always add a little oomph factor with their design and material.

3. Barrister Book rack: These style bookshelves originated in England and were designed for barrister's use. They look like stacked cabinets and provide a formal look to space with their flip-up glass or solid doors. Barrister Bookshelves are a great way to hold items that need protection and are favourite for people who like to work with wood.

4. Cube Bookshelf: Cube bookcases, as the name implies, comes with several cube series and have either square or rectangular frames. These style book racks can do anything. They can stack books, store shoes, or can work as closet storage. Cube bookcases are ideal if you want a modern style shelf that can be expanded in height or width.

5. Modular Bookcases: These style book shelves come in 2 or more sets and are designed to interlock or rest against each other in a number of ways. Modular book shelf furniture often comes in cube-based configuration and can also be tailored as per the needs and taste. These style units can be free standing units or can be hung on the wall or can be framed. 

6. Leaning or Ladder bookshelf: A great space-saving, sleek and eye-catching, these style bookshelves are best to decorate the dead space of the room amazingly. They have a specialised design, dependant on balancing against a wall. The overall frame of these style book racks have a tilted look while the shelves stay horizontal.

7. Corner Bookshelf: The corner design bookcases are best to decorate the corners of the room amazingly. They have two full sides facing outward, and the options of shelf placement can be expanded. These are especially perfect for conserving space or displaying art or delicate pieces in a place where they will not be disturbed.

8. Shelf Bookcases: These are common types of bookshelves. They can be open or closed backed, and the shelves of this type can be adjusted or not, built into the walls or free-standing. Shelf bookcases can be used with other furniture units or can be placed alone to create a beatific look. They are made of metal, wood or plastic.

Kids bookshelf are usually made in bright colours and are smaller. Some of the shelves of these small bookshelves are positioned further apart to accommodate tall books and are usually made of plastic.

These are some bookshelves which not only give the room an organised and functional look but also provides the items with a place to flaunt. They are usually available in wood, metal or plastic and can be placed in the living room, kids room, dining area etc. But before buying them online keep certain factors like size, style and shape in mind.

Summary: Read the article to know about varieties of beautiful and durable bookshelves available online.

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