8 Ways to use different types of wooden tables around the home


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Tables are the fun elements in the home. They are the pieces without which the decor of the space seems incomplete. Corner tables or side tables or dining tables are the best furniture units to hold books, coffee mugs, drinks, food and other odds and ends. They are the pieces which usually have a flat top surface of wood, marble or glass and sometimes come with storage drawers and shelves to provide the area with an organised appeal. Wood tables are available in a variety of choices, and each of them has their features which distinguish them from others. There are round tables, square tables, end tables and lots more. So, if you want to make your home not only stylish but also highly functional, check out some of these ways to use the tables around the home. 

1. Stacked as Shelving: Use tables of the same style or can use different ones and stack them like totem poles. Using tables in this way will allow to decorate the space beautifully and often less pricey than a bookcase or other furniture unit. You can keep them at the corner of the living room or in any dead space. 

2. Pushed Together: Place together a few wood tables of the same height and use them as a bench to keep few pillows and other knick-knacks. This way of using this furniture unit is the best way to utilise the space beautifully and might work well for the individuals who aren't fans of sitting on furniture that's not usually sat on, but they make a lovely bench in a pinch. 

3. Add power: Keep a power bar to the small table having a bottom shelf of the drawer and drill a few holes in the back of a drawer. It will help create an instant charging station without adding another piece. You can also use zip ties to keep things in place. 

4. As a nightstand: If you have a small room and cannot afford to buy a bedside table, then not to worry. This interesting way will solve all your problems. Use a console table or side table with drawers and shelves and place it beside the bed. Here it will double duty and helps provide the room with a marvellous and amazing look. 

5. Small Appliance Stand: In the Kitchen where space is spare, kitchen cabinets or full kitchen islands can clutter things up. Having a small table even if it is around the corner in the dining area can be much-needed space to keep kitchen equipment like toasters, coffee maker, ovens etc. If you have a table with wheels and casters, you can also use it as a trolley to serve dishes and to keep food when hosting a get-together party. 

6. Cut the legs: By cutting the legs of the tables half the way, they can be used as an ottoman to place the feet or as seating furniture unit. To give the space a luxurious and classy look, you can attach a piece of foam on the top and upholstered it with a beatific fabric having patterns. If want to have an extra storage unit, completely take the legs off and can stack the drawers.  

7. Outdoor plant stand: Refurbish the table by adding some patterns and wheels and bestow you with a wood table that can be used outside the home. You can use it as a plant stand to place the pots or can use as a storage unit to keep the gardening tools and other outdoor accessories. 

8. Under desk storage: It seems that individuals find themselves with less and less room in the home office area. A small corner table tucked under the desk can make a great place to keep printers, files, scanners and other essentials. For easier access and decorative appeal, you can add wheels beneath the table and slides them right out when needed. 

These are some exciting ways to use different types of tables around the home. Tables are not a just simple piece of wood having legs, flat top surface and sometimes shelves and storage drawers, they are an important element to decorate the space amazingly.  So, use them properly and gift a decor to space.  

Summary : Read the article to know about the ways to use tables around the home and let your space get a marvellous appeal.

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