Secret to a Luxurious Home- 10 Interior Design ideas to decorate small homes


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design definition is different for different people. It is the most interesting and enjoyable topic for most homeowners and home builders. It is a  concept that provides a huge effect on the look and space of the house. Whether you are planning to build a new house or renovating your existing space for happy living, it doesn't matter because best interior design service providers and interior designers suggest that something can added or something can be modified to give the space a marvellous and interesting appeal. They believed that by adding smart storage solutions and visual elements, you can make your small space seem larger. So take a look at some of the interesting ideas to design the interiors of the small homes.

1. Light Colours: Interior designers of Bangalore, Mumbai and other cities suggest that if you want to make the space appear larger, use light coloured paints like cream or white to decorate the walls of the space. They not only make the space appear larger but will also give the space a warm appeal.

2. Curtains or wooden Dividers: Beautiful sheer curtains and wooden room dividers act as a great and charming ways to divide the interior of the small houses. They are the best units to separate living room and dining area and also works well in the backyards of the home. Curtains or wooden dividers with their beautiful patterns and textures, enhance the overall look and feel of the space.

3. Storage space under the stairs: Most often overlooked space in the Indian small homes is the space under the stairs. So utilise this space amazingly by following Indian interior design service providers suggestion. Add cupboards or shelves under the stairs and if want to make a statement then turn the space into a mini bar.

4. Add mirrors: One of the easiest and prettiest way to make the interiors look larger is by adding beautiful mirror with frames.They will not only act as a decorative accent in the space but will also brightens up the space.

5. Foldable dining table set: For a more appealing and comfortable dine area, install a foldable dining table in the space and use every inch of the space beautifully. These style units can fold and push up on the wall when not in use. Also, they are portable and lightweight , thus can be used outdoors of the home when needed.

6. Wall bed and sofa: To give your home interiors a ravishing and interesting appeal, decorate your living space with sofa cum beds. They are a great invention that can be used as bed when pulled out or can be used as a sofa while folded. Also, they come with storage space to provide the room an organised look.

7. Add shelves to the walls: When space is constraint, interior designers make your home walls work overtime for you by adding wall mounted furniture units in the space. You can add wall mounted display units  in the living space, can go for modular kitchen cabinets and likes. Always make sure that you choose the pieces that are functional and aesthetically appealing. You can also customise them as per your interior and need.

8. Be crafty: Displaying beautiful paintings and other items is not the only way to have a unique and attractive interiors. You can be creative in many different ways. For example, you can take a piece of wallpaper that you like and frame it, creating an interesting display for the home.

9. Fake headboards: Generally, small bedrooms don't have enough space to place a bed with headboard. So to solve this issue and to bring comfort to the space, interior designers says that by painting a fake headboard silhouette on the wall will help provide a style to the space and will help save space smartly.

10. Painting that can perform double duty: Having a storage space behind a mirror or painting is the best way to give the interiors a wonderful and organised appeal. This will not only look good but you can use them to hand keys, trinkets, jewellery and likes.

                These were some interior design ideas to decorate your small homes amazingly. However, if you think that you cannot give you space a better look, then take the help of online interior design services or interior designers and let your space get a ravishing look