Organisation 101: Magazine Racks


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A reader’s paradise is a built with hardships unbeknownst by non-readers. A bibliophile knows that collecting books is a process that starts when you develop the habit of reading and ends only with their last breath. Only Hermione understands the predicament it is to own a lot of books with no dedicated place to store them. Like her, a true reader’s Amortentia smells of the musky smell of a new book. 
While your books deserve amazing bookshelves for their safe-keeping and preservation, your journals, articles and the collection of magazines of various genre deserve a separate space for their storage and showcasing. Magazine racks available in the market are designed specifically for this purpose.  1.Accommodate your Journals and Articles: Journals are those formal pieces of writing that are written by experts on any particular field of their interest. It is hard to get your hands on a first copy of any journal but second publications are easy to acquire. The quality of your personal library depends on the amount of scholarly documentation it can brag of. 

Specified magazine stands are built with pockets and sections that help you showcase your journals all the while providing an easier access to your journals. 

2.Stands to Showcase magazines: Reading genre-based magazines is not everyone’s cup of tea. While even the most reluctant reader will pick up magazines belonging to genres like Fashion and Sports, only a reader who reads for the pleasure of learning will pick up magazines belonging to genres, like Science, Tech, Nature and Gardening, Décor or Business. It is, therefore, with utmost struggle that magazines are bought. Stacking magazines inside a drawer seems like an easier alternative but not a recommended one, if you’ve collected them with a hard-to-forge and acquired-over-the-time dedication.  

Invest in magazine stands that help you showcase your magazines but also have a lot of space available for newer additions to your precious collection. If you don’t possess a large collection of magazines, then smaller magazine stands, which can be easily hung over the wall, are also easily available. You can buy magazine racks online from a variety of online shopping sites, or you can scavenge for them in your local wood market. 

Arranging Magazines: How To do it? 1 A magazine is a periodical publication and, hence, the issue date of the magazines is of utmost importance when you arrange them on your magazine rack. Create sections based on the genres of the magazines and arrange the magazines chronologically.  You can also classify the genres alphabetically for a much simplified access and an easier to process system of cataloguing magazines. You can go from latest issue to the oldest issue of the magazine or in the reverse order.  2 If you are a comic book fan, design a separate section dedicated to that particular Comic and then proceed with the other. For instance, create space for all Batman magazines separately and assign another dedicated space for all the issues of Spider-Man. 3 For those magazines that are hard to put into categories, because they have such varied topics discussed in them, a separate and dedicated corner will help you keep your magazine collection systemized. 4 For scholarly articles and journals, it is absolutely essential that these priceless documents find their way in a specialized section of your library. Buy a separate smaller magazine holder for articles and abstracts and journals. 5 This section has to be easily accessible, yet guarded in a sense that these don’t get mangled in rough day-to-day handlings.

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