Six golden rules of decorating the interiors of the house


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Are you planning to redesign your interiors? Looking for the interior design ideas and experts advice to help you plan your dream wonderland? Then this post is just for you!   Interior design is a process of converting a space into some thematic and inspired design. According to interior designers, it is a concept where something can be added, and something can be modified or removed to provide the home with an attractive and inviting environment. To have best interior design it is believed that decorate your home with the right amount of furniture, paint the walls in colors that define your style and choose other elements that complement the paint and furniture amazingly.

Here are some rules stated by interior designers which will guide you to decorate your home. 

1. Contrast the colors: To have an effective interior, it is advised to go for opposing tones. For instance, pair traditional white with blue, mustard accented with off-white or grey and likes. White color works well with many shades and is essential for defining space and drawing everyone eyes.    

 a). When pairing contrasting shades, go for the ones which belong to the same color family.   
 b). Use graduating shades of the same color, or first choose the primary color and then pick accent shade to give the interior a marvelous appeal.  
 c). Change the idea of painting woodwork in light hues. Use darker tone with lighter walls to highlight the structure and architecture of the interior.  

2. Rethink Lighting: Most of us end up decorating our interiors of the room with a lot of lights which is a bad idea to design the space. The best way is to include chandeliers having shaded bulbs if you have a traditional style interior. Recessed halogen spotlights, however, will give a warm, appealing light when positioned carefully.    
a). According to online interior design service providers, using a mix of styles will help provide a balance of task lighting and ambient light.   
b). If you have a low ceiling, then include recessed spotlights. They are an unobtrusive option and provide good ambient.     
c). Go for the lights which can be adjusted easily or those that can be altered in height. 

3. Introduce texture: Add more layer and interest to the room by introducing texture. Place coarse, rough materials against wooden furniture. Use woven natural linens to highlight the upholstered furniture or curtains. Add a modern and rustic touch by covering walls with textured wallpapers. Include wool in the interiors as it is perfect for adding warmth and character. 

4. Modify the room: To have an orderly, stylish and charming interiors, limit the number of possessions in the show. Analyse the space and rethink the whole arrangement. A well -planned interior is the best way to give the home a beatific look.

a). Include wall shelves or cabinets to house the books.    
b). See your place as a dynamic area that should be curated and changed as you desire.    
c). Decorate your entryway or hallway with paintings to enhance the look of the space. 

5. Scale your Ideas: This is the most important point that should be kept in mind while decorating the interiors. The proportions of a room depict the size of furniture units, style and colors. For instance, a tiny bedroom, suits small-scale prints and delicate pieces of furniture. On the contrary, for a ravishing look, use a fabric having large prints to add a statement to the room. 

6. Combine old and new: For a more appealing and interesting interiors, try to include both old and new furniture in the space. Rework, change or refashion the old units to pair them with the beautiful, new furniture. For instance, repaint a dark cupboard with pale paint and place it in the guest room. Or you can reupholster a chair for a new and amazing look. Change the handles of the chest of drawers to give the room a fantastic look. Display groups of similar items together to have a cohesive look.

Keep in mind the above mention rules and design your interiors in your style. No matter what method you choose to design your interiors, the online interior design service providers and ideas will help embrace your space and will help give your interiors an attractive look.

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