8 Ultimate ways to mix dining chairs for an appealing look


Decoration tips

Do you want to follow the trend of mixing and matching dining chairs with any style table? Looking for some guidelines which will help you to give your space an inviting and beatific look? Then follow this write-up. Mismatched dining chairs in the home provide the area with a stylish and royal look. They are the pieces of furniture which are awesome, inspiring and works well with every style decor. But setting the space with mismatched dining chair isn't as simple as it sounds. You cannot simply drive to the market and purchase any style chair and expect to pull the look you want. To properly set the tone of the home, follow some ways mentioned below. 

1. Find one thing in common: Find the enticing dining chairs online that have at least one thing is common. Whether it is colour, style, shape, wood finish etc. so that you can create an inviting look without feeling chaotic. If you have different chairs, then you can create a cohesive look by painting them with the same colour.

2. Keep scale in mind: For comfort, the scale of the different style chairs and dining table must be compatible. From the seat to the floor, dining chairs range from 17 to 20 inches high. Which means the distance between the table and chair should be some 8 to 14 inches. The gap may vary depending on the thickness of the tabletop, the height of the apron and likes.

3. Go big with head chairs: Head chairs define the table and style of the room. So, go for the pieces which are of the same size as that of side chairs or even bigger. For instance, you can place two royal style wing chairs to give you modern dining table a traditional touch.

4. A note about benches: If you are planning to decorate your dining table with a bench, then make sure you opt for the piece which works well with other chairs. Also, consider using one type of side chairs so that there is a bit of uniformity. Head dining chairs can be different.

5. Mismatched upholstery: Another interesting way to create an eclectic and fascinating look is use the same size and style dining chairs and upholstered them in different fabrics. This will help create a balance in the space and also add some fun and colour to the dining.   6. Use opposites: For an everlasting and beautiful look, try pairing opposite dining chair. You can pair modern and vintage, heavy and light, chairs with arms and without and lots more. But make sure you keep at least one element be it a size, colour, style etc. common. Otherwise, it will create a mess in the space and will provide an ugly decor to the home.

7. Use a consistent seat height: No matter what style and design chair you use, make sure that the seat heights of the pieces are same. This will allow to create symmetry in the space and also make sure that no guest sits lower than everyone else.

8. The odd one out: Another exciting way to create a mismatched style in the dining area replaces a single dining chair with the statement piece you like. This will not only set a luxurious tone in the space but will also provide the room with a comfortable and budget-friendly chair. 

Reading the above ways, you must be in a hurry to try them out. So, personalised your dining chairs and adorn your space amazingly. Dining chairs apart from providing a comfortable place to enjoy the delectable meal reflects the personality and taste of the homeowners. They are the units which are available in a variety of materials, sizes and styles and come with all features that one wishes to have in the dining space.    

Summary: Setting the dining area with different style, size and design dining chairs will give the room an inviting and eclectic look. Also, these chairs can be used for other purposes as well when needed. So before deciding on what type, size and style chair must be added, analyse the decor of the room. This is because dining chairs online come in different sizes, styles and materials and can be decorated in a plenty of ways.

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