Crucial advantages and disadvantages of Bunk Beds


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It can be a very cute option to fill up your kid’s room with very cute bunk beds which not only look stylish but are also a heavy duty space saver. Bunk beds, with their increasing popularity, have occupied a very secure position in their market. It is especially recommended to opt for such beds when you have to provide separate beds to two children sharing the same bedroom.Whether you have bought it already or you are up to buying it, you must know about the pros and cons of this truly apt piece of furniture. Therefore, take a read of the following pros and cons that will surely help you make a correct investment:

Advantages Of Buying A Bunk Bed: 

1. Separate beds on the same floor: It becomes very difficult to make a decent sleeping space for both your kids, especially when space is a crunch. Also, after a certain age, kids need to be shifted to another room, preferably their personal room, which can help them learn many lessons of responsibility. They learn to sleep alone and cuddle themselves to sleep when they develop a habit of sleeping all by themselves on their bunk beds. It is like their zone, and they can make their dream clouds without anybody else net to them, snoring or disturbing them. Plus, if you have a scarce space, then on the same floor, placing two separate single beds can be an issue big time, which can be solved by these bunk beds.  

2. Doubles up space: Even if you are just anyhow, able to manage to place two single beds in your kid's room, but then your kids will have no space left to run about freely. Their room will look cluttered, and they will never be able to think freely over there. Children do not settle with the beds alone in their rooms, they, in fact, demand more things like cute wardrobes or stuffed toys and even small study table or cycles. Where then will you be placing those things? Therefore, do not try to adjust, and rather go for the bunk bed, which will occupy half as much space as the two single beds, thus making way for some fun! 

3. Individual beds to take care of: If one of the kid gets sick, then the other one is never going to catch it, because of the reasonable distance at which this bed lest your kids sleep at. Two individual beds, occupying the position of just one in a very optimal way, isn’t that cute? You also have the choice of keeping one child completely undisturbed by the sleeping and waking schedules of the other.  Trust me; they will fight less as well, because of the separation of their beds; they will be able to take responsibility for their bed and its cleanliness themselves. 

4. Super easy installation and detachment: Moving into the bigger house, or increase in the height of the kids can never be a problem with bunk beds because you can easily detach them and make them two single beds as per your convenience. 

5. Your kids just love them: Every kid dreams of having this bed, and they would not be able to thank you enough if you gift them these exceptionally stylish and utilitarian bunk beds for their room! You can even buy some promises from them, in exchange of these superb bunk beds.

Disadvantages Of Buying A Bunk Bed 

1. Safety can be an issue: It is very crucial to teach your kids about being very careful while using the ladders of this bed. They might fall off the ladder or even hurt themselves by the metal railing f other parts of the bunk bed. The kid on the lower bunk must not bang his head each time he gets up, so the distance between the two beds must be good enough! But if the distance between the beds increase, then the height of the upper bunk also increases, which again increases the risk factor for the child sleeping on the top bed. 

2. It can be difficult to make the bed: Making the lower bed would be all right, but it can be an incredibly tedious task to tuck in the bed sheet or clean the bed that is on the upper side. Either you have to struggle and hang anyhow on the stairs and do the cleaning, or if you are not precise enough, you might fall off! 

3. The upper bunk can be very close to ceiling: We might lack on the floor space, which is why we choose bunk beds. But this is also possible that we have our ceilings at a comparatively short height. So it can be very frightening for the child on the upper bunk to wake up to lizards or spiders, sometimes. It is also possible that each time they wake up; they hurt their heads against the ceiling. 

4. Ladder process can be a little risky: No matter how much you shout, kids love not listening. This could go very dangerous in case of bunk beds. If they continue to hop like monkeys or play with the ladders, they might loosen the furniture, or hurt themselves. Loosen bunk bed might collapse, making the situation even worse. 

5. The child on the top bunk must be a calm one: The child sleeping on the upper bunk must not be the very notorious one because falling off the upper bunk can be very hurtful. If it is your younger baby, then you will find it difficult to tuck him into the bed of higher bunk, thereby risking your and his life altogether.

Extremely mischievous kids do not deserve these bunk beds. Despite a few drawbacks, you can always count on these extremely stylish bunk beds to save space in your kid's bedroom, along with making a very engaging look. Some bunk beds also come with storage which allows you to hide away the kid’s mess very neatly and in an organized way. So, this festive season makes your kid’s happy and gift them cute bunk beds.

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