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What do we think of in the first place after buying our very own house? -To make it look just like our idea of a perfect Dream Home! After those trendy wall colors and intense paintings, a captivating furniture completes the picture of your dream house. Each block of furniture holds importance in adding to the beauty of our home. Since , the dining table resides in the dining room, therefore, we need to make it look the best, to let our zone shine brilliantly! The center of attraction of our home, after a lavish bed, is an attractive dining table which acts as a gathering point for our family, friends and relatives before they disappear into their world of commitments. It not only carries a great deal of emotional weight but also a functional responsibility to support a family life for infinite years!

It is important to buy a dining table of a perfect shape so that it just fits into your dining room effortlessly! Once you have finalized the shape, you can style it as craftily as you can. Considering the space available and your personal preferences, look at the following categories of a dining table:

1. Rectangular Shape : The most prevalent type of the dining table is the one having a rectangular shape. The reason for its never-ending demand is that it can accommodate a large group of people easily. The Rectangular-shaped dining table should be chosen if you have a narrow, long dining room, or you have to place your dining table inside the kitchen itself! Another ease with this shape is that it has an abundant variety of designs to choose from.  

2. Square Shape : The most sorted shape for four diners is the square shaped dining tables. This is the most sophisticated, yet an ultra-minimalist design to provide a more intimate dining experience. When you are not sure about the number of people that are going to dine on your dining table, then you must choose a square shaped dining table that can be unfolded to form a rectangular dining table as per your convenience.  

3. Round Shape: Remember the small table where the seven dwarfs used to dine on along with Cinderella? That is exactly how cute, a round dining table looks, if you live in a small home. One good feature of this table is that a bigger group of people can sit in closer proximity, but don’t place too many chairs because that makes this dining table look crowded and untidy! Having large round tables is not advisory as it still places the same number of people at a longer distance and also occupies extra space unnecessarily.

After you are sure about the type of the dining table that you want to buy, you can also give a catchy makeover to the heart of our homes : 

1. Hang some trendy draperies around the table corners : Hanging some pretty laces or fancy hangings around the table borders, always gives a pretty innovative touch to the table, making it look indigenous yet sassy! The type of hangings to be used can be chosen in accordance to your room interiors to make it look more natural and eye-pleasing. 

2. Creating some pretty mesmeric designs on the table surface : Doodling attractive designs on the face of your simple table will not only bring life to its existence but may also increase your wish to spend more time on that dining table of yours and may also lead to increase your appetite!! It would also add to the beauty if you tend to select some gracefully designed stickers to decorate the table. 

3. Stick some artificial flowers underneath the face of your glass table :  Sticking some artificial flowers or handcrafted flowers under the glass table will give a very contemporary and a graceful touch to your happy dining table. Flowers used must not be very bright or vibrantly colored, in fact choosing baby pink and light magenta shades would suffice to make your family time serene and solicitous. 

4. Keep some glass bowls containing water marbles or floating candles : The dining table is the first thing that captivates the attention of your guests. Therefore, we can decorate the table set effortlessly using some centerpieces that are very inexpensive and above all- Self Made! You can do this by using some elongated glass jars or fishbowls and filling them with colorful water marbles and a small floating candle in it!!

You need to hurry and try these great ideas on your table of happiness until we gather some more fanatic ideas. Have a Happy Recreation!

Make each dinner a special one by choosing the best kind of a dining table. Also, to take the boredom off your dining table, you don’t need to have a heavy pocket, but just a little spark of creativity and our tips to renovate your existing beautiful dining tables!!

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