How to style the durable and sturdy coffee table like a designer


Decoration tips

A home without a stylish coffee table in the centre of the living room is like an art without colours. Just like the colours add a life to the painting, a wooden centre table with its stylish appearance provides the space with a beautiful look. Traditional or modern style tea tables are the units which can be placed anywhere in the house and can be styled in a number of exciting ways. They are the units which attract individuals towards it and helps create a memory.

Here we have listed some ways to style the coffee table that you have purchased online like a pro. Take a look and enhance the look of the space.  

1. Start with a tray:  A stylish tray is the foundation of the chic and royal style table. Whether you want to display knick-knacks or just need a perfect place to keep the remote controllers , a tray will act as a best spot to place the items. Also, it will provide an organized and polished look. 

2. Make it a collected surface: For an appealing and interesting look, stack a book or two that shows off your interest. Then scatter small accents such as ceramics, candles, travel souvenirs and other odds and ends. Add a small flower vase having colourful flowers to draw everyone eye towards the table. 

3. Decorate with only greens: Lend a clean and natural feel to the living room by decorating the centre table with just green plants. You can set them in a group over an oversized table or can opt for a single plant to suit your smaller table. The trick is to pick a plant that can survive well in the environment.

4. Keep it simple: The hardest designer trick to have a perfect style table is limit yourself to certain items. Just don't try to fill every inch of the space. Instead, highlight a few knick-knacks like fresh blooms, an interesting statue and likes.If your coffee table is a work of art itself, opt for absolutely nothing on top to show it off.

5. Be unexpected by displaying games: Coffee tables are just not for decor, they can also be used as an entertainment pieces. Whether it is a beautiful glass chess board or oversized dominoes, a kitschy tic-tac-toe set and likes, a game of the beautiful tea table automatically ups the fun factor in the living space. The trick is find a board that matches with your room decor. 6. Put a throw on it: For a simple yet elegant look pair the coffee table with vintage style armchairs and draped the table with a patterned throw. This will help create a balanced look in the space and at the same time will provide sense of comfort and luxuries. 

7. Top stack with touches: A tea table rounded by books and trays can help provide a marvellous touch, if decorated with sparkly accents. So place some candles, gemstones, and other knick-knacks. You can also easily swapped out the candle colours and scents with the seasons.

8. Coordinate with the room: Tables be it centre, or tea tables do not work in isolation. They need to coordinate with other furniture pieces in the house. In the traditional style room pair the wooden coffee table with sofas having wood legs or with wood mantel. You can also add some contrasting accents in the room to enhance the decor of the house. Decorating a coffee table with candles, interesting statues, tray, books and likes will provide the room with an alluring and welcoming look. A centre table is not only a gathering spot, but it also acts as a focal point in the space. They are the units which can be placed anywhere in the house and provide a feeling of togetherness. Be it kitty party or simple conversation over some mouth-watering recipes; a coffee table is a perfect spot. So follow these ways and style your table like a stylist.