Which One to Choose—Queen Vs King Size Beds?


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There is a common quandary of the folks, which bed they should opt for? There are times when you feel your bed is slightly small, sometimes you encounter with occasions where you have to share a bed with kids. In such cases adjusting in a regular bed becomes impossible. 

Rather than being uncomfortable, preferring either queen size beds or the king size beds can be a winning solution. You may choose one according to your needs. But prior any purchase, you should know the basics so that there remains no regret feelings after the purchase.

Here are a few points of differentiation between king and queen size beds that will surely help you selecting the best one for you. 


The dimensions of the king and queen size beds differ slightly, but this slight difference is helpful in creating extra comfort. The king size beds have the dimensions of (80*76) inches whereas the queen size beds are of (80*60) inches. 

The queen size beds are slightly smaller than king size beds. Thus, these can be deployed in our regular bedrooms. The king size beds can only be used in the grand bedrooms. These provide 30% more space if compared to the queen size beds. 

Both of these are apt for an average individual.


The queen size bed can be accommodated in our regular bedrooms also, but king size beds need a lot of space. Therefore, they can be accommodated only in the large bedrooms. If you spread out a lot in sleep, the king size beds are the optimal one for you, if space is not an issue.


Queen size beds are the units that are optimal for you if you are low on budget, and slightly less space does not bother you. The average people can easily accommodate in these beds.

Moving to the king size beds, these are appropriate pieces for the folks that need extra space while sleeping. The ultimate comfort with extra space is promised.


According to a survey conducted, though the king size beds are more comfortable, the queen size beds are preferred more than the king size beds. This is because of the feature of blending in with every size of the bedroom. The queen size beds are the favourites of most of the 5-star hotels all around the world.

So, clearly the queen size beds are the clear winners here.


The higher you pay, the size of the bed becomes bigger. These beds are the ones that are not cost efficient. From the other varied beds available, the king and queen size beds are costlier. If the comparison is made between these two, then king size beds are the units that need more investment.

Finally…   Although these are the two most luxurious beds available, the final say about your purchase should be dependent on the other preferences such as - The size of room, Estimated budget, Material, Finishing, Existing theme of your bedroom, etc.

Though these preferences might restrict you from getting a bed of your dreams, but the one selected keeping these under consideration will ensure that there will be no regret feelings after your purchase.  Recreate your bedroom by choosing the right bed piece and enhance the beauty and quality of sleep.


The beds are the most important furniture of any bedroom decor. This is a post that guides you to select one from queen size beds or king size beds. Enjoy reading and spread the info!

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