How to take care of your new bed to make it last the longest


Decoration tips

“In bed, we laugh, in bed, we cry; 
And, born in bed, in bed we die.  The near approach a bed may show  Of human bliss to human woe.”- Stated by Sir Issac De Benserate, represents how important our bed is to us. Just buying a bed is not enough to ensure a good sleep, in fact, maintenance of the bed is also of paramount importance. You can not keep sleeping in the same bed, without dusting it or vacuuming the mattress, because it would be then, is home for millions of small invisible bed-termites and bugs. So, proper care should be done to make your bed look awesome, smell awesome and feel awesome! Here is a simple list of the do’s and don’ts that one must follow to maintain a hygienic bed condition:  DO’S: 

1.Use a mattress cover or mattress protector, that is made of some washable material to protect the wear and tear, and this way you also save your mattress from direct exposure to dirt and bugs. If your child is also sharing the bed, then using a waterproof mattress cover is recommended. 

2. Daily, air your bed and do a low-pressure vacuuming to ensure hygiene in the bed. It would be even better if your room has some inlet for sunshine, let your mattress soak some good amount of sunshine because this acts as a natural germ-kill. 

3.Do treat your bed, when it catches up some stains, using a clean, dry cloth or some dry-cleaning agent. 

4.We know, you love your new wooden bed, and you desperately want it to retain its newness for a long duration, but this does not mean that you will not tear apart the polyethylene cover, covering the bed and the mattress. The polyethylene covering the mattress does not let the air cross it and thus making a damp and favorable conditions for the termites. 

5.If you are planning to store your mattress or even your bed, then make sure you cover them properly, leaving no space for some draining water to enter and spoil them. Cover them with a good and durable, breathable bag before storing. 


1. Do not eat in your bed, because eating in the bed allows the smell of the food linger and thus making it uncomfortable for you to sleep. 

2. Do not try to wash the mattress of the bed with the dish washing detergent, simply because it is not made to affect the bed termites and can cause harm to the furniture life. 

3. Never try to soak the mattress in water, according to your methods of cleaning the other things inside the house. The mattress would never be the same good material, and the wood will absorb the moisture, leading to swelling up and losing the strength. 

4. Do not smoke in bed, firstly, because the person you are sharing the room with can also get harmed, as passive smoking is more harmful than active smoking. And secondly, because obviously, it is not good to smell the carbon dioxide exhaled as a result of smoking until you want to get some serious lung diseases.  

5. Jumping on the bed or using a stiff, harsh brush to rub the mattress are the two big no-nos because it will harm the bed. 

           If we follow the mentioned steps and take cautious measurements to protect our bed, then the bed is never going to let us down or leave our side. After all, it is not a small investment. 

The long life of any furniture item does not completely rely on the quality of the wood used or the amount of money spent, neither does it depend on the brand of the product! Until and unless you start to use it wisely and take proper care of it, you might lose it before the actual period. So, take the appropriate care of your furniture, after all, it has entered into your room after satisfying you in all the aspects.