Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sofa Cum Beds!


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Sofa cum bed is recently becoming an important peripheral of modern living room furniture. A living room sofa bed is particularly a sofa which unfolds its seat to form a bed. Sofa cum bed is a very functional furniture as it acts not only as a bed when the need arises but also as a seating destination in living room area- and perhaps this is the reason why it has got the name- Sofa cum Bed! A sofa bed can be converted into a double bed or a single bed, depending on its style and design, that comes mostly with a unique hardware system. Today's compact homes and living room designs have led to the manufacture’s invention to make better and beautiful and more functional sofa cum bed designs, which can reside in almost every type of room. Sofa cum bed is the most stylish and practical piece of sofas, that can work well for either a large living room or a small one. The most surprising fact being, these bed cum sofas be a great space saver along with possessing the capability of bringing aesthetic appeal to home decor.

Just like every coin has two sides if buying sofa bed comes with many advantages then it comes with few disadvantages too. In this article, we will discuss both of them.


1. Sometimes when we sit in our living room watching TV and amidst that time we fall asleep and when we open our eyes after that refreshing nap we can’t find the energy to stand up and walk to our bedroom and then sleep. So, this piece comes as a savior. The sofa bed is a conglomerate of the sofa as well as a bed. Pull it out when you wish to sleep and pull it back in when you wish to sit and relax. It will serve you in both your requirements.

2. It is a price saving deal! When you go out to buy a sofa set and a bed separately, you will have to empty out a hell lot of money. Because they both are one of the biggest investments in furnishing. So, buying sofa cum bed online will also be a money saver deal. By paying the money for one, you can get the advantage of two! Isn’t it amazing?

3. If you are planning to furnish your guest room, then don’t look for any other option except a sofa cum bed because spending just the double or triple amount for furnishing a space where we will never sleep or sit is something insensible. So, make a wise decision and bring home a sofa cum bed!

4. Sofa cum bed comes in n number of designs and styles that can help you to buy a piece which magnificently complements the decor of your living or any other room you wish to place it in. Sofa cum beds are available as both single as well as double beds. So, you just need to know what you want, and you can get them available.


1. Some sofa cum beds can be hefty and sometimes they are difficult to move. Because the bed has many configurations it tends to be heavy but, most of their weight is dependent on the material it is crafted with. So, it is better that you know well about the material used to craft it and then accordingly buy one. 

2. A sofa cum bed will not provide you with the same comfort as a normal bed will. Although when the situation is built up in a way that we have to get it, then it’s OK because sometimes we need to compromise. But, only a few stores whether you purchase offline or online provide you with a quality product. 

3. The last con of buying sofa cum bed is that this piece of furniture may not accompany you for the same elongated period of time that normal sofas and beds would. They would be durable but not as durable as them.

These were some pros and cons of buying sofa cum bed. So, now the decision lies in your hand. 

This article will brief about all the pros and cons of sofa cum bed. Each of us wants to get the best for the price we pay, and this piece of furniture would be a winsome deal for us. Although they come with many benefits and advancements but with that, they also come with few disadvantages. Many new designs and styles of it have come up in the market due to high demand. They are not just a pocket-friendly piece of furniture but also a space saving design! So, buy one today!

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