Make the coffee table the showstopper of your living: Easy styling ideas


Decoration tips

You must have typed “interesting living room decorating ideas” on google to swoon over the dramatic and picture-perfect living rooms on the internet. One piece that never would have missed the frame would be a coffee table. A stylish center table binds the eyeballs in a few seconds only if showcased in a presentable manner. Professional tricks, needless to say, work best in achieving the look you love, but they include big money figures to be splurged, which is not always possible to give a shot to. 
Discover some DIY ideas to make your coffee table a showstopper for your living and steal the gaze of the onlookers. These easy tricks are up to the sleeves of legit interior designers, which you can easily try in your home. Have a sneak-peak.  

1.A chic catchall at the table: A giant tray is the best companion of the coffee table. It goes so well like the peanut butter and jelly with each other. And not only these square or rectangle units are just for the decorative purpose; they are practically foolproof too. Trays corral the items on the table top and offer a sense of systematic assembly. They impart an extra special feel and acts as a chic catchall. Here’s one tip- place scented candles, a flower bouquet or two identical medium-sized decorating objects on the tray for a balanced look. 

 2.A stack of books: Books are the decorating go-tos after the designer trays. Make up your collection of fictions or spirituals to create a nice, mini library for the visitors. Stacked pieces add dimension to the flat surface. Break the monotonous appeal with pretty objects like flower vases, ashtrays or paperweights. For a clean and precise look, congregate books of the same colour but of varying shades. Tip- arrange the pile in similar size order as descending organisation is normal and makes a usual appearance. 

3.Spread greens: Give an organic feel to the place with plants on the center table online in India. When greeneries are spread, nothing more is required to amplify the feel of the room. If you have an oversized table, group together several planters for an over-the-top look and when there’s a small piece of furniture, introduce a singular pot. Do remember to include a plant that can survive on the table. Cacti, air-plants and succulents are the common options. Go for the ones that can sustain in low light. 

4.Simplicity is the best policy: Getting a pro job doesn’t mean you have to do all the frilling on the table and introduce various decorating units to make it substantially visible. Do not fill every inch with knick-knacks. Just stick to a piece or two and make a bolder statement. Many centre table designs, these days, are a work of art itself that doesn't require anything on the top to show off. 

5.Indoor games: The best of all!! Indoor games are not the decorating stuff but the entertainment elements. Some of the interesting games you can include are a beautiful chess board, oversized dominoes and a showy tic-tac-toe set. You’ll see the fun factor automatically raising up around the table and these units keep up the style of the furniture too.

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