Incredible Hacks to Decorate Your Bookshelf Asymmetrically


Decoration tips

You get to read poems, stories, travel logs, and what not? But do you store all these books together? Or you have a separate section for each? You may store the books in a way you like, but one thing that is a must for arranging all your books is the bookshelf! 

Here are a few ideas using which you can totally transform the bookshelf you own:

1. Paint your bookshelf the same colour as your wall This is the most common method taken into use for adorning any bookshelf. You can paint the bookshelf with the same colour your room’s walls are painted. This creates a unified background which is quite alluring.

2. Break up the shelves The shelves need not be in continuation like the train bogies; you can break them into pieces, and attach them parallel for a new and improved look. These can be ideal for the arrangement of books in an orderly manner and with specified genre in a section.

3. Collection of artworks on the lower shelves  You can even place some pieces of artwork on the lower shelves so that the monotonicity can be eradicated and the person sitting adjacent to the bookshelf can see your favourite art pieces.

4. Add glass doors This is the oldest method for adding a ‘polished finish’ in your area. The modern bookshelves may or may not be having a door to cover. The addition of these doors will not only add charisma, but the books will remain protected from dust particles as well.

5. Black and white  The cover of books may be different in colour; these impart a rainbow like outlook to the bookshelf. You can add a piece of the black and white artwork or antique to enhance the look of the area. The vice-versa of this can also be done; that too adds a different touch to your room.

6. Deploying bookshelves at entrance The bookshelves are not only the commodity of the study room; but these can be placed at the entrance as well. In most cases, folks prefer to place similar type of the bookshelves on the either side of the gate and adorn them with the books and other antiques.

7. Don’t be afraid to try unconventional shapes Not only the regular designs, but the different shapes can give a tempting look to the area. These bookshelves do not need any extra efforts for their upgradation.

8. Pulling the unit away from the wall The bookshelves are not meant to be pinned against the wall. These units can be pulled away from the wall and kept near your study table, or the place that you think suits the best for a bookshelf. 

Hope this article will help you redecorate the bookshelf. Have a nice day and spread the info!

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