7 Diwali home decorating tips to inspire you

Rishita Patel

Decoration tips

Diwali is round the corner and is the most awaited festival in India, the enthusiasm gets doubled months before the actual festival. From preparing delicious sweets to rushing down the markets every other for bringing new festive frenzy items for decorations. Whilst some are looking forwards to having holidays, others are busy cleaning their homes. Here are some pro Diwali decoration tips you can follow to decorate your home in a spectacular way this year.


Start with the most sacred space of your home i.e your puja room where we eagerly wait and pray to Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha for their blessings. You can use garlands, decorative diyas, candles and bright lights to kindle your puja room. Wall hangings, bandhanwar are perfect to give the traditional touch to your home.

Flower Decoration:

You cannot think of decorating your home without fresh and/or artificial decorative flowers on Diwali. Instead of spending money buying those string lights, bring a surplus amount of flowers to decorate your doors, railing and even make rangoli. If you are looking for ways to give this flower fresh look to your guest room, try adding vibrant flowers in a transparent jar or cylindrical glass. And over it place the floating candle to spread the illuminance.

Bandhanwars on entrance:

Welcome, Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha in your home with these beautiful bandhanwars at the entrance doors. These bandhanwars not only add a festive glam to the house but also accentuate the beauty of your home. If you don’t have time to buy one, you can easily make one on your own using ribbons, mirrors, flowers, decorative bells, etc. Hanging decorative bells on the door give the more festive look to the home.


In India, Rangoli’s are auspiciously made on all festivals as a good symbol of peace and happiness. Vibrant colors, dried and fresh flowers, cereals, green leaves are used to make beautiful rangolis in the house verandah, entrance or even galleries. For those who are worried about their not-so-creative hands, may purchase readymade rangoli design stickers which you can simply stick on the floor. Even stencils are available in the market, which you can use to make color rangoli instead of stickers. You can place earthen diyas in between your rangoli to make it gleam more in the night.

Candles & Diyas:

This Diwali, bring some especially drawn bright acrylic diyas decorated with bright acrylic colors, mirrors, sand, and stones. If you are fond of making diyas at home, try making them using ceramic clay into different shapes and sizes. A wide range of scented candles is also available in the market in different shapes and sizes, which you can beautifully adorn in different corners and sides of your entire house.

Wall hangings:

Placing diyas on the floor is just so passe when it comes to Diwali Decorations. A number of diya holders in different patterns and shapes are available in the market these days. You can easily hang these holders up on the walls in a fine pattern to add style and festive look to your interiors. Definitely, you must have seen those “Shubh Labh” and “Happy Dipawali” wall hangings that gives a special charm to your Diwali decoration.

Go trendy with LED bulbs:

Don’t you think, Diwali is incomplete without adding a touch of new trendy decor idea like LED lightings, bulbs and of course the diyas. Globe bulbs, rope lights, light droppings and neon colorful LED’s looks majestic when tied around trees, flower pots, etc. And the best part is they use less power and run on batteries instead of separate power plugin.

I hope, these simple Diwali decoration tips would help you decorate your home and make it stand out amongst others, effortlessly.


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