Architects in Pune Give Cheap Diwali Renovation Ideas

Rishita Patel

Decoration tips

Diwali is no far and the time has come when most of us would look forward to renovating our homes. And why not! Afterall, Diwali is one of the much-awaited festivals of the year, the festival of lights, prosperity, and happiness.

And what comes along with the excitement of celebrating this festival is the need to come up with changes in the interiors, so that our home looks more interesting and new than last year. The best thing to do is call the professional residential architects in Pune and get your home renovated in-budget to get a divine and festive look.

Well, I understand amidst all the festive shopping, not much budget is left for carrying out the renovation work. But what if I say, you can actually save this Diwali by getting in touch with the top architects in Pune for all renovation works. The major benefit of hiring the residential architects in Pune is that they understand your requirements and provide you the best results within the limited budget.

Now let us know the places you need to add to your “to be renovated” checklist:

1. Verandah: It is in our tradition to get all our house illuminated for the entire day of Diwali with a thought to bring in positivity. And if you are thinking of putting dim lights on your entrance to save some bucks, then you definitely need to consider this point during the renovation. Put big lights on house entrance and also in the verandah, so that the light reaches not just inside but spreads all outside the house too. Make sure you have specified this requirement to the residential architects in Pune, you are going to hire for your project.

2. Entry door: Your entrance door is the first visible part of your home to everyone, so why not make it look interesting and creative. This festive season, try adding the traditional Indian touch to your house entrance. The professional architects in Pune are the pro is doing all this. They know ways to add fixtures and make space to put traditional decorative items like Jhula, terracotta pieces, etc.

A proper space for small plants outside the house will enhance the ambiance of your house to a great extent.

3. Lighting: If you are fond of contemporary Rajasthani-inspired home designs, then you would love doing this. The professional architects are trained and skilled in a way that they carve out the perfectly all the spaces needed to add proper lighting to the house on this lighting festival. The tinge of ethnicity is going to make your house stand out amongst the crowd all throughout the year.

4. Temple: Transform your puja room this Diwali. This is a festival when Goddess Laxmi comes to our homes to give us blessings, so why leave behind the renovation of the most auspicious place. A puja room should be constructed in such a way that it doesn’t just look like another room in your house. And when decorated with proper guidance, you would get a place that oozes all positive vibes.

So, now that you have got an idea from where to start your Diwali decoration, it is expected that you would right away start the renovation drive at your home.