False Ceiling

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Decoration tips

false ceilings started being used in houses and places of work for some very sensible motives. They were fireplace resistant, you may hide uncovered cables, wires and ducts inside, and you may cover up ugly ceiling spots. besides all this, false ceilings provide sound-proofing to the room and add thermal insulation. Insulation is made feasible due to the air-crammed gap among the two layers of ceilings, which cools the room down. this indicates decrease air-conditioning bills.

starting from such very realistic uses, false ceilings started out becoming style statements. today, they're as much a design detail as a sensible addition. The best issue is, you have to ensure your room has enough top (as a minimum eleven toes) to deal with the false ceiling, otherwise you may become making the room claustrophobic and closed. 2d, false ceilings should be installed impeccably. The least gap or breakage can bring about the distance above the fake layer turning into a haven for mold, rats and dirt. This ends up making the fake ceiling a risk in preference to a benefit

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