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When it comes to decorating a house, the walls are probably some of the most focused areas. The walls present much more of an opportunity when their sheer size and what can be done with them is looked at in order to make them look better and complement the interior design of the whole house in a much more efficient way. Both interior designers and home owners alike pay a lot of attention and are always ready to splash out sums of money in order to make their walls appeal more to the onlooker that will include both them and their guests. There are a great many number of ways walls can be and are decorated with different people using different decorating themes and methods, here are a few top wall decoration ideas to charm up the house according to our experts:

1: The Beauty in Firewood

Firewood is a very famous interior decorating component in a number of luxury homes, how to charm up a wall using firewood, you might as, right! Well before labeling us insane or someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, hear us out here (read us is what we literally mean). You have a modern fireplace in your living room where you have used artificial firewood and fire because you don’t want the real fire hazard in your house, what you can still do in terms of firewood is to build and carve a sphere above the fireplace that is about a foot deep and fill it out with matching length firewood to make it look ever so natural. The firewood just above the actual fireplace will look exactly in theme and will make that particular wall look ten times better than just an empty wall.

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