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In the world of online architecture consultancy Archplanest
is growing at fast space. We are now serving clients from all over India. Though there are various other companies like, etc are already established names in Architectural consultancy. All are providing the almost same services. The thing which matters is how you coordinate with your client. You can say once the customer start trusting your services you achieve any level. Here are few services which Archplanest provides to its clients and how we are different from others.

1. Customized House Plan: This is the most common service which almost all portal and local architects provide. But most of them have some limitations with doing revision and providing options of plan as per client’s choice. Here at Archplanest as client you will get this facility without paying extra for any number of revision or option. Archplanest believes that one satisfied customer brings other. 

2. Readymade House Plan: Yet not started completely in Indian House Design section. But whenever client looks for a standard and cost effective plan for their residential project, these pre drafted plans excel.  House Plan Modification: When generation grows up with paternal properties, they tries to renovate the existing building internally without changing the structure. Providing these kind of consultancy need expertise, as in many cased clients don’t have any plan they just provide a sketch with some basic details of structure. Archplanest has the expertise to provide existing house plan modification or renovation services. 

3. 3D elevation Design: This actually the external façade of any building, but in some manner it shows customers personality. Even we can say no two houses have same kind of elevation. Every person has his own choices and preferences. All the family members choices matters in finalizing the external elevation. 

4. Interior Designing Services: Now a day’s utilizing space upto maximum extent is biggest challenge.  Once the structure gets completed you can go for complete house interior design. It includes choosing perfect colurs, shapes and type of furniture’s, choosing decorative items, floorings, door window designs, false ceiling designs, creating open space so that the internal house looks comfortable. 

5. Engineering Drawings Consultancy: Although compete house plan package included the engineering drawings. But in some cases clients come up with their own plans and ask only for engineering drawings. It includes detailed structural drawings like foundation, footings, slab and reinforcement, beam and column detail. In working drawings it includes detailed floor plans, door window schedule, Stairs details, and Section details. Apart from these plumbing and electrical drawing also falls under this.  At Archplanest we do proper load calculation, consider water level, earthquake zone while preparing structure drawings. 

6. Vaastu Consultancy: In current scenario almost everyone looks vastu compliance in house design. Although Vasstu rules are standard for everyone but we cannot fulfill 100%  Vaastu while designing the plans. The limitation lies with the availability and location of plot. We try to accommodate as much as it can be done. We are more focus in developing energy efficient house plans with proper ventilation of air and light. 

7. Cost of Construction: Know estimated cost before starting the construction keeps home owner alert while construction. It means they can check with the contractor for quantity of material and costing involved in each stage. This leads you in saving the extra expenses and even you can save the costing by buying proper quantity for materials. You can schedule your construction as per funds availability.

All in all Archplanest, is delivering complete house plan package with full details, so that you can go for construction. Only you need to find out a local contractor whom you can trust for construction. For any query you can visit

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