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Undoubtedly, the living room is the most important space of your home. That’s where you entertain, spend time with your family and basically unwind. Here are a few tips to decorate your living room from interior decorators in Bangalore –

#1 Area Rugs

Some of the best interior design company Bangalore believe that area rugs can bring in great style and comfort to your room. When positioned rightly they can transform an ordinary space to give an illusion of luxury and cosiness. Area rugs can also be used to define space and nooks in the living room demarcating the purpose of each with great clarity. For e.g. if the living room also has a dining area, then area rugs can be used to define the living/entertainment area clearly.

#2 Dramatic Hues

Dark colors are not only dramatic but give a sense of cosiness living room interior design. They also make a great style statement while adding a feeling of warmth to space. Dark earthy hues or chocolate brown with a dash of green accents would liven up the space adding a touch of glamour to it.

#3 Comfortable Seating

'Comfort' is the keyword for the living room. It is a space where one entertains and relaxes therefore comfortable seating arrangement is a must. Plush and cosy, find couches, footstools and armchairs and sofa that are inviting to sit upon.

#4 A Focal Point

This is a trick that is used by all interior decorators in Bangalore. Every space has a focal point. For e.g. in most European houses the fireplace becomes the focal point of the space and the rest of furniture and accessory are placed to complement the same. A fireplace is not the only focal point that one can have in a living room. A large sized painting, a flower vase China, a decorative antique mirror, a vintage phone. Having a focal point also sets the mood and tone of the space and allows you explored various decor themes and allows you to give character to space. Fancy chandeliers, wrought iron lamps and tiffany lights can be used as focal points too.

#5 Natural Textures

Using natural textures adds a rustic charm to space. Jute furniture, tufted area rugs and refurbished wooden furniture brings the nature into the room and sets the theme of the decor.

#6 Displaying Artwork

The living room is one space where art can be beautifully showcased and displayed on the walls. You can designate one portion of the wall for this purpose and display varying sizes of art/photographs in one section alone or you could go totally dramatic and put up a huge art piece with varying vivid colours.

The living room is a great space to experiment and be bold yet the key factor that one needs to remember is that it needs to be comfortable, relaxing and cosy.

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