Five Things to Consider for your House’s Flooring

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Picking the right flooring is a very important decision for your house because it is not something that you can change with every season. Changing the flooring is not like opting for a new carpet. One cannot change it at a whim. Careful thought and planning need to go into it. Here are five things that famous interior designers Bangalore urge you to consider while changing the house’s flooring –


A key element for any internal accessory for a home would be ‘durability’ and this is more so the fact where flooring is concerned. Whatever type of flooring is selected, whether mosaic, wooden, marble etc. one needs to ensure that it is durable.


Home interior designers in Bangalore think that climate is one of the primary factors that one needs to consider while deciding on the flooring. For e.g. if your house is in a tropical city by the sea then using wood as a flooring material would be rather unwise. The moisture in the air can cause the flooring to decay easily.


Unless you have a fleet of servants and a team to maintain the upkeep, everyone these days want a space that can be easily maintained (if not self-maintained). There is a whole world of options and varying finishes for each one of them. Do a little research on the type of flooring that you want and its upkeep (lest you are taken unaware after the work is done).

Lifestyle and Wear & Tear

While durability and maintenance are important factors, it is also important that you factor in your lifestyle while deciding on the house designs in Bangalore. For e.g. a family with young children should go in for flooring that could be cleaned easily. If there are many elderly people living in the home, then it is imperative that you opt for flooring that gives a firm grip let they slip. Traffic is also an important factor in selecting the flooring. Spaces like the living room, bedroom, study, kitchen are areas where one can expect maximum footfalls so it would best to select flooring that is of more durable in nature.


Flooring is a very important element in the aesthetics of the space. The right kind of flooring, color and shade can give your space an illusion of space. Most home interior designers in Bangalore recommend using white colored tiles have long given an illusion of larger space while dark colored tiles are used to scale down a large sized room. Using larger sized titles gives a seamless look to the room.

Most home interior designers in Bangalore feel that by keeping these factors in mind you would be investing wise only a good flooring that would make the most design and budget wise to your home.

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