Five Inspiring Luxury Design Ideas

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A good interior often takes its cues from the environment and combines natural elements harmoniously to create a space that is not only luxurious but also practical. Here are five inspiring luxury design ideas from one of the best interior design companies in Bangalore -

#1—Go green this year

This might be an enduring classic trend that might make sense even after a decade. Green is the hot color of this season. Various hues of green right from the wall paint to interior furnishing make space look beautifully verdant not to mention vibrant. Earthy hues and shades of green combine harmoniously bringing the nature inside the space. Green-hued wallpapers also make great sense that is if you think you might want to change the decor next year. Using tree trunk or tree stump furniture would totally complete this design as it gives a Hobbesian twist to your space.

#2 - Return of the Metal

Highly polished brass, chrome, antique wrought iron are making an appearance in the luxury design market again. The trend this year is a subtle mix of industrial with a minimalistic design. The result is a vintage space where lamps shine even when the switch is off. All you need are stylish lights that reflect, decor fixtures, charcoal finish furniture and brass lampshades with a golden light and you have a perfect minimalist room. The synergy of the combination of different metal brings a certain dimension and depth to the room and when combined with a minimalistic design the impact of this decor is even more effective. Some of the best interior designers in Bangalore believe that this might be a trend worth watching this year.

#3 – Minimalistic all the way

This is one trend that not only makes a lot of practical sense but also a great bargain. Going minimalistic not only gives you more space but also saves a lot of money. With prefabricated homes on the rise, one needs practically designed yet stylish multi-use furniture. Décor such as this not only makes sense for a small-space living but also offers an adaptable space making it a pleasure to live in. Many interior design Bangalore apartments today are designed thus. This is a trend with a vintage potential attached to it.

#4 – Polish it up

This is definitely for those who love all things luxury. Highly polished lacquered wood is definitely an emerging trend this year. Wooden panels, furniture, décor adds a perfectly layered space for you to accessorise it with a lovely chandelier, soft furniture, rugs and harmonising colours of muted browns and earthy red.

#5 Boutique Living

With life growing busy every passing day, it is difficult to maintain a house that is stuffed with furniture. Clients today prefer a minimal design with furniture and space that is easy to clean and maintain. Boutique living might be a new trend that is coming in today but it makes a lot of practical sense. Couches that double up as beds, wall attached study and table, dining table that doubles up as coffee tables make a lot of sense design wise and also helps to streamline your life and helps to hide clutter.

Interior Design Bangalore is not about designing a great looking space, it is about delivering an area that not only delights the clients but must make practical sense to someone who is actually living there.