10 Design Hacks to Make Your Living Room More Spacious

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A place becomes home with its decor for which it is necessary to manage the space accordingly by adding such items and working on the interior in a unique manner that can make any place in the house look bigger.

An interior of the house is something very important to impress others, it not only creates impression on visitors with its attractive looks but also makes the environment refreshing with the positive energy. So, you and people who come from outside get those vibes when they enter the room.

There are several ways in which you can beautify your house by providing aesthetics to your Living room Interior design which can make it look even spacious.

Interior Designers are the experts in decorating the house and render such services for Residential Interior Design Bangalore which gives the best and latest styles of designing your house at affordable prices.

By making some additions and creating transformations as per your taste can simply change the Living room Interior design.

Here are some Residential Interior Design Bangalore hacks to make the living room more spacious:

1.    Mirror

A mirror can do a lot more than what you think it can, as it is not solely kept to look into it while dressing but it can be used as major part of interior designing for a room. Hanging a mirror across door and window will reflect light that can add more depth to the appearance of the room.

2.    Curtains

Colours and textures have always imparted beauty to the room and this can be easily done with the help of curtains but the way curtain rods are embedded can change the look of your room. Try using long rods close to the ceiling and the one’s that pass across window sides.

3.    Light

Making way for sunlight or adding artificial lamps can help making the room look spacious.

4.    Wall colour

Paint on wall plays an important role it’s better to go for very light or very dark wall colours which can make your room feel larger.

5.    Few Elements

Keeping essential furniture and avoiding over decoration of space can lead to more open space.

6.    Keep it tidy

A tidy room always looks spacious with cleaning up things which are no more required in that room that just takes up space.

7.    Size of Furniture

The selection of furniture should be the one hiked up where the across objects are visible making the living room interior design look spacious.

8.    Multipurpose Furnishing

Keeping a furnishing which can serve more than one purpose is always an appropriate option for adding space.

9.    Large Artworks

Hanging or decorating your room with giant art pieces can make you forget the small scale of the room as it covers up all, a single décor can make the room spacious.

10.    Accessories

Room accessories play a vital role, big items in Residential Interior Design Bangalore with metallic look can work for the entire area, which eliminates the need to keep multiple things, making space in the room.