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In modern days it is important to have a contemporary movement that has affected every aspect of daily living. From cars, fashion and technology it is important to design world class architecture and interiors. It is important to have light and airy rooms which replace the small and dark spaces of the home and light the house by natural light. It is important to choose contemporary colors which give the details of your furniture and give shine through and ability for the imagination to get creative with patters and textures.  Using natural materials can give the home a natural look for an interior and simple look by displaying throughout the home. It is important to have sofas, tables and home furnishings that reflect more relaxed approached to living. A good design home makes everyone feel happy; it would also be better to have good designs which have more personalized touch. It is important to replace heavy ornaments with clean, rectilinear lines that gave a light feeling and more easy way of living.

Today the lifestyle of everyone has changes ad it also changed their living style which also includes home-style specially the flooring styles which includes hardwoods, ceramic and porcelain tiles, marble and travertine stones have made a way towards natural and organic materials has specially made living rooms and dining room more comfortable for underfoot walking.  Exterior designs are as important to interior having a good exterior are free from heavy ornamentations which have the details of historical classic buildings which replaced the rectilinear or curvilinear forms. Roof and cantilever have unique features like the seemingly flat roof with exterior blended harmony with natural around and contemporary styles. While designing a home, it is important to look for all the minute details that have a similar design of past and fixing that design will work fine and kept it simple and distinct. Making the home modern is a difficult task which includes the replacement of hand railing and banister with innovative tension cables, glasses or industrial materials. Making a gorgeous interior has a very great impact on technologies which is now used in modern homes it includes wireless and remote access controls for controlling electronics cooling and heating systems, lighting and security which hides behind the beautiful details of the gorgeous interior. Every design are borrows from the past having a strict and formal design rules which become more open and minimalistic in approaches.

The bedroom is the most important place in any home where people quenches their stress after a hectic day environment of the bedroom should be like that it should absorb all the worries of the person and can help him to prepare for the next day. It is important to keep following things in mind before choosing bedroom furniture that is space of the bed room size of the bedroom, composition, and material.

Beauty is one of the tangible things that generalized by the society where people see something beautiful and start loving with them mirror is one of the thing which has been the part of the human lifestyle. It reflects the visible things and invisible things also. While choosing decoration things for the home mirror is one of the decorative things that enhance the beauty of the home.

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