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Your home reflects your ideas, notions and thoughts, the kind of attitude you hold and even portrays your character. The atmosphere that you create, provides positive vibes to all those who visit you for which decorating your house is important and it plays a crucial role to make your house look vibrant.

Home Interior Design can help you make your house a paradise to live in with all the features required by you as per your imagination by proper utilisation of space in dynamic ways. This can be done easily with the help of Interior Decorators in Bangalore who can aid you with best modish designs that can enhance motif of your house and beautify it further according to suitability of your house.

Interior Designing not only makes your house appealing and elegant it provides you with blueprint of your house to understand the structure of your home and use the layout in the best possible way by keeping components according to your taste.

The most prevailing and trendy ideas which can make your house glorious could be as:

Mix and Match

Mixing and matching stuff has always been in vogue and creating such combination in bedroom, with dinning chairs, over sofa set with pillows and boosters can enhance the look.

Antique Designs

Uses of antiques gives a traditional look, you can hang antique  lights and lamps, use evergreen batik designer bed covers and can even put antique in a bathroom.

Wall Art

Instead of hanging a big art pieces you can use some recycled or waste products like plates, electric switches etc to give an artistic and creative view to wall.


Colours always does wonder but creating new look with partially painting of walls or adding strips can make it look stylish.


Display an amazing collection of cutlery on your table, it should not necessarily be mixed and match but it should go together and contrasted well to provide colourful impact.

Pop up Shelves

By adding bright and bold paint to your book or kitchen shelves can pop it up with colours and change the dull and boring textures into new one.

Using fabric

Give your furniture a brand new look by wrapping it with any old or new fabric or you can even use your old curtains and bed sheets to cover it up to give a magnificent change.


Keeping things made up of  marble in house can add to the beauty of the area such as marble coasters, candle holders etc is cool option to go for.


Designing in kitchen and in room cabinets can be done using two different styles by combining them together, this mismatch design can give stunning results.

Prints and Patterns

The types of prints and patterns used throughout the house gives it a different effect, use of geometric pattern or ethnic prints with contrast to floor design can provide aesthetics to the house.

Adding up elements that you love to see in your house according to your way of living will make your home better in a manner which will give you sense of belongingness and makes it uniquely your own.

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